The Ar-Kan Rune-Lag system is a new runic system devised by Wulf Ingessunu, the Founder & Folk-Warder of Woden's Folk.

This system is based upon the 33-rune system usually attributed to Northumbria, but also found as the basis of the Old English Rune-Poem, which has 29 poems but a total of 33 runes.

This system is based upon the Nine Glory-Twigs of Woden which holds all 33 rune-shapes. It can be broken into Four AEttir with the Gar-Rune as the Immovable Centre from which the four arms radiate. It can also be used as a Runic Web in which the runes can be found scattered around the concentric rings that radiate from the centre in eight arms.

The name Ar-Kan Rune-Lag has various meanings at different levels, but its most basic meaning is The Aryan Secret Way. This derives from:

Ar-Kan = Aryan,
Rune = Secret,
and Lag = Way/Laws.

This idea takes us back into the ancient world of our most ancient ancestors - descendants of the Solar Race or Shining Ones. These were the mythical figures with a shining countenance who brought knowledge, wisdom & understanding to all peoples, but whose presence upon Earth grew less as the downward time-cycle progressed into the Dark Age we live through today. The true meaning of the term Aryan means "Movement Generator" or "Sun-Generator" which relates to energy, creation and upward evolution.

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Magical Tools used by the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag worker

Runic Staves, one each side of the Nine Glory-Twigs