Operación Patagonia was privately published by Jeff Kristenssen (a pseudonym), Ediciones Lumiere, Buenos Aires, in 1987. The author was an SS man who came to Argentina after the war. The book was fiction but based on real facts. I was so impressed by the following extract, (my translation from the Spanish) that I preserved it:

"National Socialism was at root an idea which embraced emotional motives of a demi-urgic transformation of the world. The result would be a new race which was at the same time the resurgence of a race of the profoundest antiquity.

Hitler once said: "Mercantilism is devouring us. I felt the hand of Destiny upon me. I had to reawaken the spirit of the race. The anti-Jewish campaign was the only possible way to return to the old Teutonic source. Capitalism and Communism alike are sub-products of the Jewish mentality..I knew that I had to terminate the career of a technology which does not work for the benefit of mankind, but only for profits...the Jewish spirit had pervaded the economy, strangling the true potential of the nation. It had to be rooted out...and no less than a gigantic holocaust involving the spillage of human blood over many lands was necessary to propitiate the gods and thus recover from them anew the grace we had lost."

It was for this reason that the German people received the Führer unconditionally, for he was the magical demi-urge, the link between the gods and man, who would return fire to the race. Hitler was Siegfried, and without beiong consciously aware of it, the Germans felt it in the most remote fibres of their being.

As was amply demonstrated, in the balance the ancestral values of the German people outweighed all the logic and rationalism of the preceding few centuries. National Socialism gave the people the expression of the essential archetype. Walking through the streets of Berlin during the period of National Socialism in its full rise, one perceived in the people a sort of savage and exuberant happiness; a primitive, highly contagious feeling which was cruel and brutal too...

Behind all this there lies the basic fact that the human being is not on the Earth just to make money and do business. To dodge the real duty of humanity leads inevitably to great catastrophes, for ultimately within the races there are forces which cannot be contained, teleuric and cyclic forces which if unleashed work out their terror on the globe.

What Hitler meant in Mein Kampf when he spoke of "understanding the meaning of history" included the sentence in Exodus in which God told Moses that "the Hebrews could not enter the Promised Land". That is to say, they were and are a people incapable of directing their efforts to improving themselves spiritually. As they would infect other races with their materialism, it was for this reason that the Jews had to be persecuted to their total extinction...and Hitler concluded a pact with the gods in which this was one of the clauses...

We know that two Tibetan lamas came to Berlin in great secrecy and showed to Hitler several possible future patterns for humanity to follow. This confirmed in him a definite messianic sense. Hitler was deeply concerned at the prospect of an end to civilization predicted for the end of the 20th century. The lamas informed him that he, Adolf Hitler, had the power to arrest the total cataclysm by certain specified means, namely if he would (1) persecute the Jews implacably and by brutal means to their utter extinction and (2) promote a general bloodbath by means of war over a greater part of the world. Hitler thus initiated these objectives for the reason stated."

The statement in the last paragraph above confirms an impression I have, and which has been suspected by other reputable sources I have translated from the German, that the Second World War was fought for its own sake, and not primarily to conquer the world: this is particularly clear from the political moves in the immediate pre-war period. The bloodbath was the blood sacrifice, the means to transfer power from the Earth to the gods.

Confirmation of the final paragraph can be shown. The total cataclysm by Flood was averted, and so Hitler bought the human race time. He failed to eliminate the Jews entirely, however, and thus did not complete his bargain with the gods in full. Another global catastrophe will therefore replace the first. Calculated from the pertinent predictions, these being authenticated by the Church of Rome, the date when the New Race, Nordic yet of the Profoundest Antiquity, will come up to the surface of the Earth after the Cataclysm is 2029. That is also the year when the Great Judge will judge the human survivors, in the epoch of the Last Pope, Petrus Romanus, the successor to the present incumbent, Benedict XVI.