Product Description
Watching the war unfold in Croatia on TV, Steve Gaunt felt complelled to take an activist role. So with no military experience at all, he packed himself off for the front as a volunteer soldier. It was the beginning of an odyssey through which he evolved into a seasoned soldier, a war invalid, and a professional photographer. During the war years, Steve Gaunt kept a diary which he dubbed War and Beer.
From the Publisher
War & Beer is a time capsule that takes you back to the first unsettling days of the war in the Former Yugoslavia. Steve's entries capture the confusion of the period -- the thoughts and feelings of men becoming soldiers to take up arms. In 1991 no one could have predicted what the next five years would bring to the Balkans and that uncertainty is obvious in Steve's diary - along with a feeling of dedication to what he, and his fellow soldiers, felt to be their duty to humanity.

This book is written by a friend of mine from the same town as me. He is a lifelong Nationalist who, like many white Nationalists, joined as a volunteer in the Croatian Army to fight against the Soviet backed Serbian Invasion of 1991. It is a great read with some interesting photographs and only £6.99 ($10). Highly recommended (by me! ).