Professor Heinar Schilling specialized from 1923 in the Pre-history of the Germanen.

In December 1935, Schwarze Korps, the official journal of the SS, commissioned Professor Schilling to write a series of articles under the title Germanisches Leben. The result was published in 1937 under the same title in a book from Koehler & Amelang, Leipzig.

I have the book before me. Nobody in Hitler's Germany attributed anything falsely to the National Socialist Movement or the SS, and so one may rest assured that what Professor Schilling writes is the real Jacob.

The chapter of interest is at page 37: Die Sonnenreligion der Bronzezeit und ihr Ausdruck in Kultur und Brauchtum.

Professor Schilling tells us that the cultural symbol for the Northern peoples from time immemorial had been the wheel of four spokes representing the sun, which gradually evolved "into the modern swastika".

During the period of Bronze Age expansionism, the Northern peoples followed their victorious symbol, the swastika, everywhere. Bronze Age culture and the Nordic sun religion are closely related, and the latter "remains deeply entrenched in the fibres of our being", he avers.

Few of the actual rites had been retained to modern times, he went on, although the custom still seen in many German Gaue of rolling burning wheels down mountainsides on days of the solstice was a clear vestige.

Professor Schilling concluded that the Sun was therefore the highest Godhead of the Ancient Germanen...and from the enormous mass of sun symbols and similar artefacts he allows us to draw the inference that "just as in the epoch of the original Eddas when the Sun was the basis of the religious belief of the Nordic race, it has the same validity today: "The Sun is the All-Highest for the Children of the Earth."

The extent to which the National Socialist Movement had turned away from Christianity to Sun-worship is shown by some examples of Sonnenwendfeir ceremonies in Argentina prewar(1):

"...On 17 December 1933 in the Buenos Aires suburb of Vicente López, an NSDAP torchlit Sonnenwendfeir celebration, a neo-pagan event, was held in the presence of the new Minister to Argentina, Baron SS-Sturmführer von Thermann, who wore his SS uniform..."

"...The first major event promoted by the Nazis in the province of Chaco was the Sonnenwendfeir ceremony at Charata on 21 December 1935, when portentous fiery speeches alternated with choral recitals..."

"...In December 1937, 500 German boy-scouts and BDM girls were taken to a natural amphitheatre overlooking the South Atlantic at Comodoro Rivadavia. Two great pillars of wood were set alight, and by the flickering flames diverse Nazi orators spoke on the origins and meaning of the ceremony while songs of praise were sung for the Fallen for Nazi Freedom.."

"...In March 1939, students from the German school at Rosario were the Sonnenwendfeir celebrants on an island in the River Paraná opposite the city: Hitler Youth flags and banners, trumpets, a rustic altar straight from Germanic myth, young leaders enthroned to incantations...the onlookers from the local population shook their heads in incredulity."

And despite the catastrophe of the capitulation in 1945, the Sonnenwendfeir ceremonies went on postwar(2):

"...Professor Jacques de Mahieu, a former SS officer with 33.Waffen-SS Grenadier-Division recruited from French volunteers was a regular speaker at the pagan solar solstice celebrations held by fugitive Nazis in Argentina.."

(1) Profesor Ronald Newton: El Cuarto Lado del Triángulo, Buenos Aires, 1995, p. 70, 105, 113:
(2) Uki Goñi: The Real Odessa, Granta Books London, 2003, p.110.

What was all this really for? Everything done by the Nazis had a definite aim. Why did they want to convince a 20th century industrialized society to return to the Sun religion of their Bronze Age ancestors? What had they discovered to make them believe it was more efficacious than Christianity?

The researcher must ask himself or herself this question: Knowing what I know of religion, what is the effect on the higher planes in having millions and millions of Nazi followers worldwide offering homage to the Sun four times annually, at the two solstices, and on the longest and shortest days of the year?

Beyond this question, all else pales into insignificance.