Johannesburg - A taxidermist shot and killed two of the West Rand's most wanted criminals on Tuesday, after he was wounded in the foot. Two other suspected members of a gang which carried out four robberies within three days were arrested. Jacques Fouché, 36, from Randfontein, told how he was helping a client, a certain JJ from Mauritius, carry hunting trophies, skins and skulls to the client’s car at Fouché's house in Fir Street, Green Hills.

"When we walked back, I saw two men walking toward us. I leaned into my bakkie to press the remote control button to close the gate, but then they were already on us." The robbers took Fouché and JJ to the workshop at the back of the premises, where they repeatedly punched a worker, Jacob. The three men were forced to lie on the floor and their hands were tied behind their backs. They were stripped of their valuables.

"Another two men came in with a bag containing an R5 rifle. I was warned not to take any chances while the one robber waved the R5 in front of me. Then they took me alone to the master bedroom in the house," Fouché said. The safe was already unlocked by then. The robbers wanted to know where Fouché was hiding his money and pistols. He was repeatedly hit over the head with the R5 while he was tied up and held on his bed. "Suddenly some of them came running in, screaming that they have to get out of there. I don't know what happened, but I suspect Jacob freed himself and jumped over the wall into the neighbours' property to get help. Then a security company was called." said Fouché.

He freed himself and grabbed a shotgun. When he tried to shoot the gun misfired. He grabbed a second shotgun and left the house. Two of the robbers turned back and opened fire on him. "When I saw they were coming back, I had to run to the stoep and find shelter." Fouché shot at the suspects, who were near JJ's car, from the stoep. One of them shot back from inside the car. He was hit in the right foot while on his way to hide behind his bakkie. "I carried on shooting back and then I just sat behind the bakkie until the shots stopped." The two back windows of JJ's car were shattered by bullets. The body of one of the robbers lay outside the car on the road. Another suspect's body was in the driver's seat.

Police spokesperson Appel Ernst said Peet Venter, a policeman who lives in the area, reacted quickly when he heard the shots and called the police. "Another two robbers were found in the veld and in a nearby townhouse complex. We found two 9mm pistols in the vehicle. Another 9mm pistol was found in the veld and the R5 rifle was found in the townhouse complex. They are definitely among the most wanted criminals in the area," Ernst said.

- Beeld
This guy deserves a medal, but I believe he will just be accused of murder. It is high time we make heroes of everyone who shoots and kills a criminal, maybe he should even get paid for doing the cop's job...