Reality vs. Zumanity

Obviously the ad is aimed at white women. Do you think they would have put a fat black guy in the tub and had the girl making out with a hot white guy? How many ads can you think of where a black girl dumped her dorky black boy to go out with a cool, muscular white guy? At the end of the day, this is yet another ad where the doofus is a white man.

Whiskey said... If pushing Black men as the object of desire, romantically and sexually, were not winners with White women, why would Zumanity and Cirque and heck, US Weekly, Star, People, etc. push it all the time. I mean, every trip to the Supermarket, the magazines are right there, pushing "Will Kendra keep Hank?" or the latest Kardashian/Black Athlete pairing. If the White female audience that reads that stuff did not like it they would not run it, would they? Since they are profit centers for mostly, thinly capitalized media machines (save People of course).
AlphaOmega said... I have a lot to say; forgive me in advance! For starters, the most important part of that ad is the rubber duck. Without it, you'd think he was receiving head from an unseen woman. Second, Adam Smith said the nature of a regulation lets you know what would happen if there was no regulation. If there is a law that says you can't have more than 3 banks in a town, then the natural state of affairs is more than 3 banks. If there is a law that says an insurance company can't have less than $1 billion in reserves, then the natural state of affairs includes insurance companies with less than $1 billion in reserves. White women like black men; how do I know? For centuries in the south there were laws preventing black men from touching or even looking at white women. That tells you women think about status differently than men: men in chains with no political rights had sexual value. Some bloggers observed laws banning polygamy are real whereas laws banning polyandry are not real, but window dressing needed to be fair. Are laws regulating black men white women real or window dressing? Yes you can say these laws were designed to reduce the chance of rape, given the nature of "overly aggressive" black men, but there were also laws about dating and marriage which requires the consent of both parties. Third, as an aside, it doesn't matter what a woman does when she chooses to settle down (after age 27 or so) since she has moved on from her alpha phase, nor does it matter what she does after her child bearing days when she's in Vegas with her other 50 year old menopausal friends. Steve Sailer has pointed out that the number of children born to black white couples is low, but for some reason blacks and half black people are very noticeable and white people tend to overcount these populations.

I think there is a small group of white women who are attracted to black men Mostly these are extremely slutty white women. However, I don't think white women generally are. Most of the interracial couples I have seen in real life involve an ultra-fat white woman and a black guy. These are women who are too gross to get a white man. If white women generally liked black men, you would see more black male/hot white women pairings in real life (not just in the media). Likewise, very intelligent white women are usually not interested in trashy black men. They prefer to be dominated intellectually, not physically. Therefore few women who are wife material are interested in black men.

"White women like black men; how do I know? For centuries in the south there were laws preventing black men from touching or even looking at white women."
I would say that's true in the same sense that people like to snort cocaine or shoot heroin. These substances are banned which tells us that in the natural state of affairs, many people would do drugs. At the same time, many people would not.

So too it is with men and women. A large percentage of people are incompetent to choose a decent sexual or romantic partner. The problem is much more acute with women. Moreover, black men pose a particular danger to women; their families; and society in general.

White women need to be discouraged from choosing black men for the same reason they need to be discouraged from shooting heroin. The short term excitement and fun is usually outweighed by the long term negative consequences.