Why Whites Are Superior - Racism without ... racism.

Yes, I know this is old. Yes, I know this will inevitably receive burning flames down from the Heavens. But it must be said: white people are the most racially progressive, forward-thinking, freedom-loving, beautiful people that walk the face of this earth. And no, the other races aren't going to hell, and they shouldn't be enslaved, or killed. Freedom from official discrimination based on race is something you'll only see in countries with large white populations, and I would fight to the death for a non-white person's right to be free from it.

We have a combination of organizational skill, intelligence, ambition, and freedom that has allowed us to dominate technology. This has given us an edge in military engagements, and we have dominated the world because of it. Our lives are simple and easy. We have access to copious amounts of food, and the last white people to starve without war were the Irish. Which I blame on the Catholics, so its their own Goddamn fault.

While a majority of history's most nefarious figures were of European descent, just as many others of European descent were the greatest thinkers and innovators. For one reason or another, I can't think of a single great legendary mathematician, innovator, physicist or chemist who is not both Caucasian and indigenous to Europe, whether his nationality be colonial or European-based.

Most of the greatest scientific discoveries and technological implements in the last 500 years were forged from the mind and work of the Caucasian.

In more modern times, how all people apart of Caucasian dominated societies are treated is usually better than in other societies. Vile, inhumane lewd acts, cruel and unusual punishments, murderous blood sports and barbaric rituals are frowned upon, not smiled upon, while regarded as sociopathic or indicative of clinically recognized, mental sickness. Cannot be committed openly with impunity. What kind of people are compassionate and sensible enough to put an end to such things? Caucasians, and often the females in particular.

The idea that Caucasians are collectively the highest achievers is nothing short of objective, it seems. Will it always be this way? Marginally probable. Even if not, future civilizations will invariably rest upon the foundation of White Western designs.

If the Asians, who are relatively new to the scene, were/are so great, then they'd have higher profiles. Honestly they rank among countless other brilliant yet insignificant Caucasians of Western Europe and North America. Also, the people of those Asian universities have an affinity for rote learning rather than more creative approaches.

Ramanujan was one the greatest mathematical savants of all time, but one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century? If his plethora of algebraic identities are significant even indirectly to innovation, then sure.

Agreeably RSA is a great technological implement, nevertheless.

While Western civilization may be somewhat threatened, the people of it along with their knowledge-base and artifice-base remain at an advantage. China, and Chinese individuals in particular, still have long way to come. However, Chinese people have the advantage of greater numbers which is regulated within China. Well, their system of order can afford to regulate it. Others cannot. It doesn't mean much, if their savants are too few.

East Asians are renown for enhancing things invented in the European and North American cultures, and not much being more original. However, the innovative potential of Asians' potential is clear. Emergence of evermore things forged from the mind and work of Asians is no surprise, in which case Caucasians still rank second.

Overall there's nothing any non-Caucasian has done in the last thousand years that is comparable to the invention of the bicycle, the automobile, the sewing machine, the locomotive, the commode, the submarine, the refrigerator, the airplane, the radio or any space vessel! Asian martial arts is mostly old stuff, as is the art of forging blades of steel. RSA is great, but Alan Turing, a White guy, laid the foundation. Enough.

The traditional ranking looks something like:

1. Western and Central European Caucasians
2. Russian and Turkish Caucasians
3. Middle Eastern Caucasians
4. Eastern European Caucasians
5. Northern African Caucasians
6. East Asians
7. South Asians
8. Central and South American Latinos
9. North American Injuns
10. Central and North Asians
11. Polynesians
12. Sub-Saharan African Negros
13. Australian Negros
14. miscellaneous negroes and mutts

This thread is supposed to be about ways in which Caucasians are great, ingenious, innovative, brilliant, tactful, liberating, moral, compassionate and forgiving. So obvious. You don't have to look far to see it.

Emphasizing Asians is actually fairly misguided. Yet another ordered description of people, but even more "generalized:"

1. Alpha. Caucasians are good at thinking, discovering, applying, engineering, inventing, building, organizing, inspring, protecting and caring.

2. Beta. Asians are good at remembering, copying, enhancing, upgrading, augmenting, combining simplifying, assisting and producing.

3. Gamma. Latinos are good at maintaining, repairing, supplying, distributing, installing, operating and consuming.

4. Delta. Assorted Caucasians, Asians, Latinos, Islanders and others are good at serving and using.

5. Omega. Blacks are good at welching, breaking, busting and destroying senselessly.

While this is subject to change slightly, it is not to change significantly in a even in a long span of time. We are talking about largely immutable facts here.

1. brains and eyes.
2. eyes and hands.
3. hands and feet.
4. feet and heart.
5. penises and rectums.

I may not be able to make it any simpler.

For every non-white you quote for his or her contribution to the science, there are more whites.

White's just have historically held the sciences to a higher esteem on the whole, dedicating more people to its purpose over a wider period of time than non-whites in the modern (post-ancient) world. Even the dark ages had their scholars.

Not so for asia. (Smart people are a rebellious people.)
Not so for the middle east. (Who lives out in the desert, anyway?)
Not so for africa. (Too many witchdoctors.)
Not so for latinos. (Too many witchdoctors.)
Not so for islanders. (Look! A pretty stone!)

That and the modern university is a very western institution, and has been perfected by whites on a mass scale.

Card: bicycles, printing presses, automobiles, sewing machines, engines, locomotives, commodes, submarines, air compressors, differential analyzers, refrigerators, airplanes, radio transmitters, spaceships, MRI, CAT, Viagra... You name it. We've done it.

If you took away any other race from history, the world would be pretty much the same today, except for racial distribution. If you took away whites, there'd be no history.

As we know, Hindu-Arabic numerals are considerably more useful than Roman numerals in that a finite set of symbols via the zero quantity can be used to represent any scalar. Interestingly the finite symbols of Mayan numerals recycle themselves and carry in a similar manner. Number systems having bases that are multiples of five, the amount of fingers on one hand, are quite intuitive.

Still, it took Europeans to make proper use of Arabic numerals. Who introduced subtraction from zero, division by ten, the radix and long division? Some things are too intuitive to builder cultures to be sure, and isn't really the point anyway.

Other reasons? Agree? Disagree? Expand?