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Thread: The Truth on Jews

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    The Truth on Jews

    First of all I will say I am of 1/4 jewish 1/4 french & 1/2 english descent living in London, I'm not claiming to be germanic. I just found this forum and it seems like a good place to tell you what I know about Jews. I work in a financial office where most of the workers are practiscing Jews, and they often talk about their religion and political beliefs.

    The important thing is that a clear, organised Zionist movement is operating in europe and the usa at the moment, with an influence that cannot really be overestimated. For example, most Jews are very happy Cameron is in power, they know he is all for the big businesses and investment companies they work for, and thier influence will increase even more now. The Conserative party, and for that matter Labour (although trade unions also have a large influence), are totally controlled by the zionists.

    Oliver Letwin has become a 'hero' among some people I work with, he is a Ukranian Jew, and non-executive director of Rothschild Corporate Finance Ltd. It is this man, in the new wonderfully titled role of 'Minister of State for Policy', who has the final say in ALL govt policies, and agreed the terms of the Coalition. He is close friend with many Jews in the City and they tell him what they want and don't want. That is why the banks got off so lightly in terms of paying for the crisis they created, and of course none of the top financial Jews will be affected by tax, they all have it payed into swiss accounts. In my office I heard someone say how its great they pay less % of tax than a 'scumbag' on £10,000 a year.

    The zionists want political support, but they also need power. While a person is in debt, they are depenant on the provider of that loan, and are to some degree controlled by them. 'Them' of course, the banks controlled by the zionists. This is why the 'culture of credit' (otherwise known as debt) has been propagated. Look in any tv listing and you will see the number of programmes about property & buying big houses on massive loans. The same is true of newspaper articles.(both tv&newspapers are controlled by Jews too, coincidence?) Then came the recession. Some have said this will mean the end of powerful banks and the jews that go with them, but the reverse is true, they now have a practically life or death kind of power. Think about it- a bank gets so much in debt it can't survive, the govt comes in and almost bankrupts the country in saving it. What has the Jew at the top lost from it? Nothing, all his personal money is in switzerland, but the country and the people in it are in ruins. This is how a zionist gets power, it is hoped this process will continue and more economies ruined until the only ones with money are the Jews, and they will have the final say on who starves and who doesnt, coutesy of the IMF.

    The Zionists caused the first world war to be won by the British+Americans, its a long story but well known among zionists. In 1916 Britain was beaten, Germany offered pretty fair surrender terms, it was almost signed, then a group of zionists, (ironically who made their fortune in banking and shipping in Germany), came to the UK saying they could get the USA into the war for them, IF the British guarenteed they would secure Israel for the Jews. The deal was done, formerly pro German (have you seen how many americans have German surnames) America was persuaded by its Jews to enter the war on the side of the nation it gained independence from and an unpopular Russia. Germany was beaten and ruined, the British had to keep their side of the deal, and thats how the nation state of Israel was born, dont let anyone tell you otherwise. From that moment on the West, especially the British, became entirely controlled by zionists. Without this deal there would have been much less loss of life and who knows, maybe no WW2, you real white English are Saxons for goodness sake, what did you have to lose? Why did you stand alone against an ideology which said you were the master race- Britain was controlled by the zionists once again and the 2 countries destroyed one another once again, with millions of 'germanic' deaths.

    At every service in the synagogue a prayer is said thanking the British people and the Queen for letting them come to the country, a lot of non Zionist Jews genuinely are thankful, certainly more than some other types of immigrants, its not the Jews claiming housing benefit etc . On the day of Atonement, a vow is made to null and void any previous vows, this is very useful in terms of keeping promises in business....

    Now I gather there is some kind of belief among rightwing groups that there is a secret Jewish Communist agenda, but if you worked Jews you will see they are nothing other than capitalist, and I mean ultra capitalist. They believe all 'benefits' are wrong and some see homelessness as a 'necessary' part of a capitalist system. So dont worry about a Jew funded world revolution- whether the victims of their capitalist schemes are driven to revolution is another matter....

    On the other hand, Jews are often liberal- more things permissible means more money to the made. So there are plenty of them in porn, most of these magazines are owned by Jews, they also enjoy viewing it. and that brings me on to how they view non-jewish women. You see, a jew is restrained by the requirement to marry a Jew, so like all 'forbidden' things the non jew is a source of fascination and lust. The young men go to nightclubs here in London and look at, kiss and sometimes make love to the non jews, nearly always blonde because the Jewish women tend to be dark haired (apart from heavily germanised ones like snowboarder Gretchen Blieler),and from the jewish element in my family I'd say they aren't the most attractive. I would imagine these activities will make you angry, as 'germanic' ladies are being targeted by Jews, but I would like to add that they are more than happy to recieve the attention of the rich men, in their drunken state.

    There is also a belief among white nationalist groups that the Jews have encouraged 'race mixing'; this is more or less true. Once again, the zionists have nothing to lose, they always marry into their own race, so they would be the whitest race if everyone else was muddy brown, so they encorage it in their papers, music channels, and even kids books. But a lot of race mix Jews race mix too, they always have- a Jew does not get to look like Doutzen Kroes without mixing, and she is keeping the tradition going.

    If theres one piece of advice I can give you, its to stop reading newspapers and TV, they are nothing more than propaganda for the worst kind of zionist Jews, and you are simply making them rich from spreading lies if you read/watch them. Aim to have little or no debt because they are powerless if you have no debt.

    I am neither fully Jew nor fully English, so some of the devious stuff jews do really winds me up, so does the 'drunken football fan abroad' type of some English people, but I would rather see the ways of the Zionist jews exposed than see England and europe ruined, after all europeans achieved more than any other race.

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