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Thread: The "God's Chosen People" Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgard View Post
    True they turned their back on Christ and called down the consequences upon themselves in an almost ritual manner.
    Just don't call'm out on that.

    There is the view of some Christians that the Jews (meaning those people being called this today) still have a "special role", while other Christians don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theunissen View Post
    Just don't call'm out on that.

    There is the view of some Christians that the Jews (meaning those people being called this today) still have a "special role", while other Christians don't.
    There is the view of most non-Christians that this feud doesn't really matter to anyone not predisposed to drink kool-aid over something like it. Jews and Christians just follow different sects of Israelite religion. Why should anybody care whether the 'correct' view is Pharisee, Sadducee, Essene or Nazarene? Who benefits from taking sides on the legacy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as carried forth by Moses and Joshua, Saul, David and Solomon? Too many don't want to address the fact that Aryan King of Kings Cyrus the Great was already proclaimed the Messiah when he as a Goy Zionist (long prefiguring Sir Edmund Allenby) physically delivered Jewry to Jerusalem and commissioned the rebuilding of their temple, far more concrete results than the Jesus debacle. Too many also glaze over the Maccabean, Hasmonean and Herodian parts played in Jew history.

    Y'all just skip over whatever's inconvenient (Exilarchs, Esther and Apocrypha) to the beeline Jebus narrative, bypassing the Pharisaical/Pauline homocidal rage towards Christians under Peter's watch (after Jesus was lynched) and brainwashing of the philosemitic Grecoroman rejects in the urban mobs, but then glorify the Constantine/Theodosius period to Martel/Magnus and the Crusades/Inquisition, etc. Yes, it's all a series of Twitter highlights and one-liners...we can't afford to look at the whole picture, in which the Nazarene argument is worthy of recognition in the way Ralph Nader was in the 2000 POTUS election between George Bush and Al Gore. Let's cherry-pick the Bible to only portray issues that matter to us and dismiss everything else, to be just like the Jews who cast out their own blood in Samaria simply out of jealousy for never having to endure the Captivity.

    Was Jebus the founder of the 27 Club?

    Wonder what the life expectancy was for the catacomb and colosseum 'martyrs'.

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