Pietermaritzburg - The Hawks seized cars and three properties belonging to four policemen, a clerk and a businessman in Pietermaritzburg on Wednesday, the Daily News reported.
Mountain Rise police station's former commissioner Hariram Badul, was arrested in December with Colonel Yunus Khan, Captain Suresh Naraindath, Constable Patrick Nkabini, clerk Edward Isaac, and businessman Sigamoney Pillay, allegedly in connection with the disappearance of government property worth more than R1m.
On Wednesday, the Asset Forfeiture Unit reportedly served Badul with papers restraining his pension and property.
They seized Naraindath’s Toyota Hilux and served him with papers restraining his property, seized a Toyota Corolla at Nkabindi's home and seized two Toyota Hiluxes and a home-built trailer at Pillay’s home.
The unit wanted to take an Opel Corsa from Khan, but it was not at his property.
Badul, who was dismissed from the police on January 29, is also on trial for allegedly changing crime statistics to give the impression that crime had dropped in his area. He is out on bail in that matter.
Khan, Naraindath and Nkabini face police internal disciplinary inquiries.