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Thread: Is Apple Pitching IPhones or Intermarriage?

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    Is Apple Pitching IPhones or Intermarriage?

    Is Apple Pitching iPhones or Intermarriage?

    By Henry Makow Ph.D

    Apple's new IPhone 4 "Face time" commercial is an example of a hidden political agenda among the world's corporations, the promotion of "diversity" and in particular, racial intermarriage and miscegenation.

    This is restricted to North America and Europe. They couldn't get away with it in Japan, China, India or Israel.

    Only six per cent of US marriages in 2007 were interracial. This is up from three percent in 1978, no doubt due to commercials like this.

    Intermarriage between members of different races and ethnic groups is increasing dramatically, according to American Demographics. William H. Frey, a demographer who analyzed 1998 Census Bureau data, calls this increase "the beginning of a blending of the races."

    I was married to a Filipina. I am not a racist in the negative sense (believing one race is superior.) In marriage, love should trump racial concerns. But it's noteworthy that corporations are engaged in social engineering when they should be engaged in commerce.

    Since only six per cent of Americans intermarry, you wouldn't expect Apple to pitch their new commercial to men with Asian wives and babies. Only 1% of American white men marry Asian women. (The commercial depicts the Asian woman using the Iphone4 to send amniocenteses images of their fetus to her deaf white husband in the army, an even smaller demographic.)

    Corporations can be controlled by 4% of the shares, and the Illuminati bankers (i.e Rothschild syndicate) control most, (and through them, the government.) Their agenda is to transform us into docile serfs by depriving us of our human identity based on four sources: race, religion (God), nation and family (i.e. gender.)

    They want one world government based on one race, one religion, one nation and one gender (homosexual or "hetero-homo" -heteros who act like homosexuals.)

    This commercial falls under race. To ice the cake, the white male is making the sign language "I love you" designed by the occultist Helen Keller to resemble as much as possible the satanic (i.e. Illuminati) horned goat sign.

    This is an example of how Luciferians (Illuminists) project Evil in terms of Good. Their "light" is really darkness.

    The commercial was directed by Sam Mendes, who like many other Jews (not me) and Freemasons secure success by betraying the common good and administering the New World Order for the Rothschilds. Mendes is the director of "American Beauty," an Oscar Best Picture (1999) that promoted homosexuality and the aptly named "Revolutionary Road," (2008) which discredited marriage.

    Coincidentally, the new Windows7 ad shows a black dude and his white roommates enjoying some of the features of Microsoft's latest operating system. (I wonder if the Israeli version shows Arabs and Jews living together. Diversity and multiculturalism are only for the goyim.)

    Advertising, is creating a "carefully manufactured racial utopia, a narrative of colorblindness" says Charles Gallagher, a sociologist at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

    Only about 6 percent of marriages are interracial, according to Census data. About 80 percent of whites live in neighborhoods in which more than 95 percent of their neighbors are white, and data show most Americans have few close friends of another race, Gallagher said.

    "The lens through which people learn about other races is absolutely through TV, not through human interaction and contact," he said. "Here, we're getting a lens of racial interaction that is far afield from reality." Ads make it seem that race doesn't matter, when real life would tell you something different, he added.

    The Cabalist Illuminati magic is devoted to changing reality by lying about it. Real freedom and health lies in upholding racial identity so that it doesn't disappear, and appreciating the positive qualities of others races, including when they are mixed.

    Mankind is a family of unique races and I don't want the Illuminati Satanists to erase that.




    I posted the above because I've been aware for some time that just about every major company, whether on TV or in the press, appears to be using racially-mixed couples or groups to advertise their product. It seems pretty clear to me that they're all following the same agenda and that, whilst making money may be their primary objective, social engineering comes in a pretty close second!

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    “Corporations are engaged in social engineering when they should be engaged in commerce".


    This add is all over the TV here at the moment

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