I was just wondering who saw the people smugglers documentary on four corners? It exposed endemic corruption amongst Indonesian officials (high ranking military police and intelligence etc) as a factor in such a flourish in asylum seekers, it was also a surprise to find out that many of the so called smugglers were so called ‘asylum seekers’ themselves or at least designated so by the UN. It is an insult that Australia has provided so much funding to Indonesia to help combat this and yet many of those receiving these benefits are the ones aiding this process, the documentary even showed those caught trying to enter Australia being released and then aided by such persons to try again.

Of course much of it is economic otherwise many would stop in the nearest country providing a safe haven for them. I would think if they had any intention of going back they would probably stop in the nearest safe haven and wait for the whole thing to blow over. However many of these people go half way around the world and pay tens of thousands of dollars, while endangering the lives of their children and themselves on boats, yet about 90% are given visas. OK say I am a genuine refugee who cannot go back and want a better life for me and my family then I would go to the nearest safe haven and apply for refugee status to Australia via the legitimate channels rather than try and jump the queue.

Additionally the vast majority of asylum seekers arrive in Australia by air well over 90%, while 55% of them are rejected.

These people are already showing disrespect for our laws imagine what great citizens they will make.