A friend who's in the police said that one of the demands they had was LCD/Plasma Tv's in their cells. The prison is allready close to being like a luxury resort. When will Criminals be treated like criminals again? The death sentence would do well in the fight against crime in South Africa, it would also help with the overcrowding problem they have in our prisons these days...

Bloemfontein - A hostage situation involving several prison wardens was defused at the Kimberley Correctional Centre after offenders set mattresses alight on Tuesday, the department of correctional services said.
"The drama started when an estimated 78 offenders set some mattresses alight at 12.30," said department spokesperson Manelisi Wolela.
Wardens managed to stop the hostage drama involving six officials within an hour.
Wolela said the Kimberley fire brigade extinguished the fire, while the police assisted wardens.
No one was injured in the incident but two prison officials and a few offenders were treated for smoke inhalation.
Officials were also treated for trauma.
Wolela said the department was assessing the extent of damages at the prison.
Earlier, Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha said 12 people received treatment after a fire broke out in a prison cell.
Botha said paramedics had been sent to the Kimberley prison but the injuredwere treated on site by department personnel and would not need to be taken off the premises for further treatment.
The department's acting deputy regional commissioner for Kimberley Langa Bikane was still on his way to the prison, from Bloemfontein, after hearing of the incident at around 14:00.
Northern Cape police spokesperson Mashay Gamieldien said they were still waiting for information and would issue a statement later.