I saw this letter posted on news24. I posted it not because I deem it newsworthy at all, but because it's a window into the african mind. This clearly shows their mentality as "victims", in their mind they are victims of everything. As compensation they want everything they never had for free. Read the comments at the link provided, most sums it all up excellently.

Dear Editor,

Ninety-one percent of SA CEOs are white - heading of an article that not only left me perplexed but made me wonder in despair, this is the unfortunate state our beloved 16 year old democracy has presented itself to us.

Here’s a brief summary of some of the findings:

Of 269 CEO positions, blacks occupy 9% (Africans 4%; Coloureds 3%; Indians 2%) and whites 91%.

Females accounted for 3% and males 97% of 219 CFO positions. Blacks occupy 8% (Africans 2%; Coloureds 1%; Indians 5%) and whites 92%.

If these statistics don’t hit a nerve, then I don’t know. Look, let me admit my sheer ignorance towards this particular subject. Its existence of course not being foreign to me – having known this was the case; it is the severity I’ve been oblivious to.

Can this be solely attributed to blatant racism on the part of our white counterparts or is there possibly a greater and deeper reason for it, perhaps no follow through/continuation from those that are eligible?

I believe/know there’s a large group of black intelligent candidates who not only have the leadership qualities we are often crucified in lacking and as such this long awaited upsurge in black executives might remain what it is currently – a sad far reality.

What then should be done in order to ensure that we transform these shocking statistics into a positive leap for the black nation that we are?

Hoo-Kaai's Dad