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Thread: Martin Luther's "On the Jews and Their Lies"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untersberger View Post
    Herr Hauser..

    Have you read Luther's last book ? That is his last book before he passed away all those centuries ago.

    I had to personally read it to believe he actually wrote it and as always he never holds back. Luther would always condemn bad social and moral behaviour and he did not discriminate as for him a spade is always a spade..

    This was part of my early learning about the brutal truth and reality of whom manipulates society for their selfish and often deceitful advantage..

    Interesting how Luther's last ever book that he wrote is seldom mentioned in the media or by the mainstream historians.

    He was a True Reformer..
    His last book also apparently got him killed. By all accounts he was poisoned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astragoth View Post
    His last book also apparently got him killed. By all accounts he was poisoned.
    Very strange. In his last sermon, Luther demanded that the Jews be expelled from Eisleben, and four days later he was dead.

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    It's a shame Martin Luther was cut off from the people for so long. This restricted his insight to purely theoretical knowledge and he did not suspect that the Jews would use him to damage the Church.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uwe Jens Lornsen View Post
    This page lists a German 'Christian Dohm' as an enabler of Jewish Emancipation
    This Dohm evinces familiarity with the anti-Semitic arguments of the day (i.e. where Jews become too numerous, they monopolize positions of trade), even making numerous concessions towards the anti-Semitic position. His response to the overwhelming arguments? He blames their environment (ghettos) and the historic "oppression" they suffered. And this is the same argument employed by Kalergi and every other philo-Semite.

    One actual cause of the Jew's moral deficiencies is the climate. Indians and ancient Germans had to deal with harsh conditions, restricting their physical development and confining them to purely mental activities. Lies, treachery, cunning, deception, wit all find their origin in heightened intellect. NatSocs preferred Madagascar over Siberia since the tropical climate would weaken Jews in the long run instead of making them more cunning. It's not for nothing that Tiberius deliberately distributed Jewish youths into provinces noted for unhealthy climate. Hippocrates, Strabo, and Julian also describe the effect of climate on peoples.

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    Germany: Court Battle over 700-year-old ‘Judensau’ Sculpture in Luther’s Church

    WITTENBERG, Germany – High on the wall of a German church where Martin Luther once preached, a remnant of centuries of anti-Semitism is now at the centre of a court battle.

    The so-called “Judensau,” or “Jew pig,” sculpture on the Town Church in Wittenberg dates back to around 1300. It is perhaps the best-known of more than 20 such relics from the Middle Ages, in various forms and varying states of repair, that still adorn churches across Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Located about 4 meters (13 feet) above the ground on a corner of the church, it depicts people identifiable by their headwear as Jews suckling on the teats of a sow, while a rabbi lifts the animal´s tail. In 1570, after the Protestant Reformation, an inscription referring to an anti-Jewish tract by Luther was added. Judaism considers pigs impure, and no one disputes that the sculpture is deliberately offensive. But there is strong disagreement about what consequences that should have and what to do with the relief.

    A court in the eastern city of Naumburg will consider on Tuesday a Jewish man´s bid to make the parish take it down. It´s the second round in the legal dispute, which comes at a time of mounting concern about anti-Semitism in modern Germany. In May, a court ruled against plaintiff Michael Duellmann, who wants the relief put in the nearby Luther House museum. Judges in Dessau rejected arguments that he has a right to have the sculpture removed because it formally constitutes slander and the parish is legally responsible for that. Duellmann appealed. The relief “is a terrible falsification of Judaism … a defamation of and insult to the Jewish people,” Duellmann says, arguing that it has “a terrible effect up to this day.”

    Duellmann, a former student of Protestant theology who converted to Judaism in the 1970s, became involved in the issue in 2017 – the year Germany marked the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. He says he joined vigils in Wittenberg against the sculpture and was asked if he would be prepared to sue when it became clear that the church wasn´t prepared to take it down.

    Luther is said to have nailed his 95 theses to the door of another church in Wittenberg in defiance of Roman Catholic authorities in 1517, starting the German Reformation. He also is known for anti-Jewish invective, from which Germany’s Lutheran church has distanced itself.

    Luther preached at the Town Church, now a regular stop for tourists visiting Wittenberg. When the church was renovated in the early 1980s, the parish decided to leave the sandstone sculpture in place, and it was also restored. In 1988, a memorial was built on the ground underneath it, referring to the persecution of Jews and the killing of 6 million in the Nazi Holohoax. In addition, a cedar tree was planted nearby to signify peace, and a sign gives information on the sculpture in German and English.

    Pastor Johannes Block says the church is “in the same boat” as the plaintiff and also considers the sculpture unacceptably insulting. The parish, he says, “also is not happy about this difficult inheritance.” However, he argues that the sculpture “no longer speaks for itself as a solitary piece, but is embedded in a culture of remembrance” thanks to the memorial. “We don´t want to hide or abolish history, but take the path of reconciliation with and through history,” he says. “The majority of the Town Church parish doesn’t want this to become a museum piece, but to warn and ask people to remember history on the building, with the original,” Block says.

    Duellmann isn’t impressed. “The `Jew pig´ is not weakened” by the memorial, he says. “It continues to have a terrible anti-Semitic effect in the church and in society.”

    There are mixed opinions in the church, too. Last year, the regional Lutheran bishop, Friedrich Kramer, said he favors taking down the sculpture from the church wall and exhibiting it in public at the site with an explanation. He doesn’t favour putting it in a museum. He praised the 1988 memorial but said it has weaknesses, including a failure to address Luther’s anti-Semitism.

    If judges do order the sculpture removed, that may not be the end of the story. Block says the church would ask authorities to assess whether it is possible to remove it from a building that is under a preservation order, and more talks with the court would probably follow.

    The church is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a status that it gained in 1996.

    Plaintiff Duellmann has little sympathy with the church’s preservation order dilemma. He contends that authorities deliberately failed to mention the offending sculpture at the time of the application in order not to endanger it. Whatever the outcome, Block says he regrets that the case went to court. “We are not advocates and initiators” of the sculpture, he says. “We are heirs and are trying to deal very conscientiously with this inheritance.

    The odd thing is that the rise in anti-semitism in modern Germany is due to the replacement of Germans with mulisms. Michael Duellmann's action is really just a veiled attack on the remnants of Christianity in Germany?

    If this sculpture is banned by being taken down, will the German authorities also ban the Koran on the same grounds?

    Luther was right. Just read what Luther wrote about the Jews.

    Germany: Court Battle over 700-year-old ‘Judensau’ Sculpture in Luther’s Church

    19 I 2020.

    The Holohoax never ends and cannot be questioned or examined because it’s a fairytale and the Religion of the New World Order.

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    German Court Rules ‘Jew Pig’ Antisemitic Sculpture Can Remain

    A German appellate court ruled Tuesday a 13th-Century antisemitic carving may remain on the wall of a church in Wittenberg, rejecting a plea by a local Jewish man to have it removed.

    Michael Düllmann brought the claim, saying the “Judensau,” or Jews’ sow, relief showing a rabbi lifting a sow’s tail and peering at its behind while other Jewish figures suckle on her teats represents, “a defamation of and insult to the Jewish people.”

    The image on the wall of the Stadtkirche, where Protestant reformer Martin Luther preached, has long been the subject of dispute, as Breitbart News

    A sculpted relief shows the controversial ‘Judensau,’ or ‘Jew’s Sow’ (Carsten Koall)

    Portrayals of Jews in obscene association with female pigs were used as a way of humiliating them and their religion in the Middle Ages.

    Mr Düllmann told local broadcaster MDR ahead of the ruling, that as long as the “Judensau” remained on the wall, the Church would be guilty of promulgating antisemitism. The court found that while the sculpture would be offensive if viewed in isolation, “in the context in which it has been placed by the church it has lost its insulting character”, according to spokesman Henning Haberland. The church’s pastor, Johannes Block, told the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper having the sculpture on the facade of the church filled him “with shame and pain”. “We are trying to deal with this difficult inheritance responsibly,” he told the paper (in German). The parish wanted to leave the carving in place as a reminder of the antisemitism of the Middle Ages, and of the antisemitic features of Luther’s theology, he explained.

    The court ruled that Mr Düllmann may still appeal and take the case to Germany’s highest court in Karlsruhe.

    If we were to go around getting rid of every sculpture, statue, painting ETC that upsets someone, somehow, we would be left with barely any art or literature come to think of it. That is the plan.

    INTERESTING the article attempts to associate it with Martin Luther. But if it was there .... is there any factual historical proof it had anything to do with Luther? He mostly ran for his life from Germany’s Catholic Church. I wouldn't have thought so as the sculpture is before his time.

    How high up is it? It was COMMON for stone carvers, who often were completely NOT religious, to ridicule people they hated, such as politicians, priests, etc. they’d carve their faces on the most vulgar, knowing they were up so high, they’d never be seen. So when you view gargoyles and grotesques doing, ahem, naughty things, it was the rough trade having a laugh, feeling the soaring heights of cathedrals would protect them from payback. It’s HIGHLY likely it wasn’t a “Catholic” who carved it. Being forced to go to mass converts a LOT of people out of your religion. They have rather been at their pub.

    In 'Vom Schem Hamphoras' (1543), Luther comments on the 'J--ensau' sculpture at Wittenberg, echoing the antisemitism of the image and locating the Talmud in the sow's bowels:
    Here on our church in Wittenberg a sow is sculpted in stone. Young pigs and J--s lie suckling under her. Behind the sow a rabbi is bent over the sow, lifting up her right leg, holding her tail high and looking intensely under her tail and into her Talmud, as though he were reading something acute or extraordinary, which is certainly where they get their Shemhamphoras."

    German Court Rules ‘Jew Pig’ Antisemitic Sculpture Can Remain

    05 II 2020.

    Some interpretations of Islam include a ban of depiction of animate beings, also known as aniconism. Islamic aniconism stems in part from the prohibition of idolatry and in part from the belief that creation of living forms is God's prerogative. Islamic art - Wikipedia

    There is no art in the islamic world so the western world has to adapt.

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