Despite the lack of general coverage of the discovery of planets outside our solar system over the past 2 decades several, "extrasolar planets," or planets that exist in other star systems have been found. Up to 400 extrasolar planets are known to exist. However the vast majority of these planets are gas giants because our currently technological state does not allow us to further detect smaller planets that may be similar to earth known as terrestrial planets which are in effect planets smaller than 10x the mass of Earth. However some small planets have been and these are good candidates for habitability and perhaps extraterrestrial life.

The following is a Wikipedia article on a list of extrasolar planets some which can be as close as 10-20 light years away. This is astonishing, if we flew the speed of light we could be to different planets and worlds within a few years and if faster speeds are developed then sooner than that.

This link is the nearest stars in order. There is still a possibility many of these stars may have planets but our instruments make it unable to tell for sure.

Some interesting planets I came across is Gliese 876 d and a few others.

A new world away from this crazy one. If the technology becomes available perhaps it may be wise to start a colony away from this chaotic planet. Much like the puritans of New England?