Fanon, a black Marxist psychologist from Martinique, is probably best known for his role as a theorist in anti-colonial movements. This is gleaned from his Black Skin, White Masks:

It will be observed that there is no common link between the Negro of this chapter and the Negro who wants to go to bed with a white woman. In the latter case there is clearly a wish to be white. A lust for revenge, in any case.
Fanon's view of white male-black female pairings is no better, as he sees the black female desire to mate with white men as an expression of self-hatred and a worshipping of white flesh. He deserves much credit for exposing the perverse psychological motivations for miscegenation.

In addition, Fanon also notes a study which finds that the black penis is no larger than the white one. There is other useful info in this book.

On a side note, Fanon is known to have been a major early influence on Barack Obama. Make of that what you will...