Could not have said it better!

Dear Editor,

Now that is a turn-up for the books. Our new golf champion is not buying Ferraris or Porches with his R10m cheque; he is buying more farmland and a fancy tractor with a dickey-seat for his daughter.

Perhaps Louis, playing his golf in civilisation should take heed of the latest land redistribution plans hatched in the inner circles of the ANC.

Not surprisingly, upon being informed of the news, Julius Malema was apparently overheard mumbling something to the effect that the tractor would be handy for goat herding when Floyd and he take over the farm.

Having said that, it cannot be co-incidental that soon after young Floyd Shivambu sang the praises of his hero Robert Mugabe, defending the Mugabe land grabs and propagating the same strategy in South Africa, we have to read of, what seems like a carefully planned and executed farm attack on a KZN farm, aimed at terrorising the owner into leaving his farm.

George Annandale