I am developing a religio-scientific body politic, and the Lion Pride may be a useful analogy.


Seven women are to be bonded together, to be the best of friends.

Their primary responsibilities;

- teaching (at least K-12; with a focus on inspiring autodidactism)
- midwifery
- growing a garden
- ministry (converting others to this social political spiritual model)

One man is to have sovereign responsibility for these seven women.

His primary responsibilities;

- ambassador-at-large (minimize foreign extra-territorial jurisdiction)
- trustee (or attorney-in-fact; trusts, financial securities)
- international trade (with focus on developing technology)
- spiritual leader spyops (protect from foreign psychological interference)

So, the women form a democracy or socialist group (voting on how they will filfill their responsibilities and use the resourses given to them); we shall call them Laddies.

The man is the executive, judiciary, capitalist, and quasi-military (military akin to the CIA; no uniform, no visible weapons); we shall call him the Duke.

As a ministry goal, we would want to create other Prides (lets call them Churches), as such, the Duke of each Church will be a citizen of the Republic (the Laddies are citizens of the Churches, not the Republic); the Churches are States of the Republic.

The Laddies and Duke will train other men to become Dukes (lets call these men, Knights). Knights will be under the command of the Duke; the Duke will have sovereign responsibility for the Knights as he has for the Laddies. But unlike the Laddies, the Knights won't have any political rights (military is not allowed to engage in politics).