A group of people protested outside the Ventersdorp Magistrate's Court ahead of the bail verdict of one of Eugene Terre'Blanche's alleged killers.

The group braved the cold weather and some of them came covering themselves with blankets urging the magistrate to grant Chris Mahlangu bail on Wednesday morning.

They sang freedom songs, with one of the songs saying "Mahlangu we do not know how to thank you for killing Terreblanche". There was also a contingent of AWB supporters wearing their camaflouge uniform and swastika outside the court.

Mahlangu made a bail application in May in the same court in which he stated that he and his co-accused aged 16 had acted in self defence when they murdered Terreblanche on his farm on April 03.

Mahlangu's version was that Terre'blanche had attacked them with a panga when they complained about their unpaid wages. He further stated that the panga, found lying across Terreblanche's chest belonged to him and was not the murder weapon.

The State admitted that the panga was not a murder weapon. However, the prosecution opposed bail arguing that Mahlangu was not a South African citizen and therefore a potential flight risk.

Prosecutor Advocate George Baloyi also stated that Mahlangu's original bail application did not contain claims of self defence.

While Magistrate Makgaola Foso was expected to pass his verdict on Wednesday, Mahlangu's supporters were protesting outside court against the refusal to allow them to follow the proceedings inside the court.

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Source: www.iol.co.za

I also read just now that he was granted bail of R5000.