I've come across many threads and debates over subrace and it's place within the geography of Europe. But how important and valid the the whole subject?
It's as if we Germanic people cant have any influence by each other and that their geographical locales are set in stone, and to me it's as if it's frowned upon that people had different admixtures of subrace. I doubt our ancestors gave any whim as to what "subrace" someone was, for they themselves migrated and settled in various locations all around Europe (and the world for that matter),
It's as if no one can be of another subrace and be in a different location than their perscribed 'homeland'. We Germanic are an adventurous people, the Vikings proved that, and if there's an Atlantid in Germany, does that not make him a German, even if his ancestry had been living there for 1000 years?

Someone please enlighten me?