I will start with an exercise which is part of the oldest religion.

It is an exercise with 6 Elements (and 4 others which I will omit for simplicity for now). I won't be able to explain the exercise in full nor will I mention where I get it from.

Here are earliest pictures which show hints for the exercise:

Here you see the Hohlefels lionman which is one of the oldest known figures made by modern human (around 30.000 plus years old). As you can see the 7 cuts on his upper arm form 6 riblets which I take as a sign for the exercise. It is half men half lion. For me i interprete that lion as a certain emotion and men as a divine being. The connection between all 3 mean that there has to be a certain emotion to start with then the exercise then you will create a divine being inside yourself. One which stands erect in a straight line between earth and heaven.

There are a few more little figurines which show the 6. I omit them to not make it too broad.

The next figurine I show is showing the same thing. The Venus of Willendorf:

You have woman as emotion in this case, on her head you see six rings, indicating the exercise and you have a human, a divine being.

Next I want to show Lascaux. In the very deepest point of the cave you find 6 red dots aligned in two rows.

Next is the pyramdie from Zakkara with its 6 plateaus, (the lower one somewhat damaged)

Here the pyramides in Gizeh, 3 big one and 3 small one, very explicit if knows the form of the exercise

Now lets me give you some quotes from the bible:

God created the world in 6 Days and on the 7 he rested. What that means is after the exercise of 6 you stop doing it because you received the state you have been looking for. Like a mantra you only repeat until it is not necessary anymore.

King David had 30 Officers 6 of them were Chief officers. (the 30 is another feature of that religion, you find in many quotes from other religions, Horus had 30 arrows in his quiver, Arjuna had 30 arrows in his quiver, Jesus started to teach at age 30, the Ring with the gates at Stonehenge are made out of 30 gates and on and on and on.)

The star of David is full of 6es.

Jesus went in to the temple as he was 6. That means after the exercise of 6 he reached the house of God, which is a certain state.

Stonehenge has 6 rings (two earthen walls, two rings of holes, and 2 rings made out of stones)

I can give multiple examples out of any given religion showing that they used this exercise.

Out of quotations out of religious text I can explain a lot of it just with the knowledge of this exercise.

I will stop here as not get too much out in one thread.