There is so much more then even you know.

I will only talk about my land, you can do yours yourself, this problem are mostly not known because the first None-Western immigration wave came in the 70's, then in the 70's most went back (guest workers), then some let their families came over in the 70's/80's, then in early/mid 90's it began to grew and not until around 2000 almost all places in the Netherlands where 100% white (most places are still very white or almost all white but you get the point), in the 70's/80's it was mostly in some neighborhoods only in the big head cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Hague, Utrecht (De randstad), in the 90's it began to spread more true out the cities and not until around 2000 it began to spread a bit more outside the big cities, not much but some, this is why you can find immigrants in places where there where zero just a few years ago, and this is the reason why most people do not know what happened in the 70's and 80's in the big cities in de randstad, they still do not want to know because reality crushes their stupid dream world.

- None-Western immigrants who send their kids to the swimming pool because they have not washed themselves in weeks, this was for me the reason to stop swimming, of course all those white nest polluters send their kids to nice white swimming pools while screaming racism if you do the same, i rather swim in a chemical pool then in a pool filled with the feces of the immigrants (try stopping me), if you like those immigrants so much you go and swim with them whitey.

- Immigrants (this time the muzzies) who throw their toilets out of their houses because they believe the Devil lives inside of it, i am freaking serious here, this happened a lot, they also did not use the cooking places and the thing that sucks the air away but just cooked it with a fire in the living room... sometimes this results in the burning down of the house, but if you say how you can do it better (as normal humans) you get the usual racist labels from the immigrants and the white nest polluters, just to go over the border to the Flemish Region, a friend told me that many negro's in Gent cook their food in the living room or hall on the ground with burning wood on the ground, many times this results in the burning down of the houses, so be careful of these diversity people come living in your street because one part of their diversity gift is the burning down of their house.

- leaving high school with a diploma while they can still hardly read or write, not in their native language or in the Dutch one, they get a diploma so the school is rid of them because if the school points at the learning problems every stupid whitey screams racism, but then when they leave school and try to get a job they will not get one (of course), i know of cases where they could not even write down their own names, then the stupid whiteys scream racism again for not letting them get the job...

- Again, the school part, even the ones who where born in the Netherlands do not know anything, nothing about basic history, biology, anything, they know zero about the history of the land where they are in, nothing, absolutely nothing, zero, nada, nothing, a dog knows more about the creation of the Netherlands and the pre-christian area of these parts of Europe then they do.
i met one who believed god (it was a muzzie) put the unborn baby all made in the belly of the woman, it did not grew, it was never a fetus, no it was suddenly all there...

- The always untold fact that none-Western immigrants literally HATE alternative dressed whites, metal, punk, goth, emo, and it is always the same ones, it is never the Chinese and other Asian people, its always the negro's where ever they come from, the turks, the north africans, the muzzies in general, the arab etc etc.

For some reason they HATE it when you as a white wear even something even slightly alternative, for example purple pants, or a old army jacket, even a metalshirt is reason enough for them to scream at you, Goths have it the worst because Goths (at least the real ones when the scene was at its best during the 98-2004 area) dress very dark, morbid and extreme, and for some reason these racial handicaps can not understand why someone does not dress uber duper disco trendy pink white glitter crap, it is always the none-western immigrants who i see walking in the latest uber disco trendy crap clothes more then any other, and the strange thing is, the more that that particular group clams to hate the West the more that i see them walking as a metrosexual in pink shirt new trendy shoes disco crap.

Goths where the victim of immigrants more then any other alternative group, so it was no surprise for me that i began to find most racists in the Goth scene, it was even hard for me to find a anti-racist mud loving Goth !
Goth party's where the only party's where you could be openly racist and walk with ''racist'' symbols, people of course will say that because of this immigrants hate them, wrong, this was the result of the years of abuse done by immigrants, in the beginning you could not find this, this began after the countless discrimination both verbally and physically by none-western immigrants.

Many also seem to be scared of Goths, thinking that they possess black magic powers that could hurt them (i wish).

These are just a few, you can put yours here too.