Let me start this off by saying, I am germanic, probably a mix of some form of Nordid with Brunn/or Borreby [not postive which exact strands] I am half descent of German folk, with Scottish and Icelandic being on the other parents side. I did a experiment/trial run of spreading Germanic cultural flyers as well as Asatru [original germanic religion in my opinon] and racial awareness. The results were pretty good and way better then I expected.

They were a bunch of pro-Germanic religion [Asatru/Odinism] and pro-Germanic flyers [with links to several Asatru websites, as well as Stormfront, and a connection number for Florida Asatruists.

I passed them out during a local central Florida town-gathering type country music event/street vendor type deal. Where I live is probably 75% White, most of the cities being pockets of traditional Southern [many supportive of Confederates, see a lot of Confederate flags around here] Americans, also a small influx of northern old retirement settlers. I'd say a majority of the whites in this region are Germanic, blue eyes and blonde hair are fairly common here.

I recieved 13 emails, all from people identifying as Germanic, German, British, Scandanvian, etc descent and showing interest/curiosity into our indignieious religion. Several of the emails also seemed pretty positive of how I correlated that our folk religion, and reawakening will result in a America with less immigration and more towards the Germanic creators of this nation's intentiions. Some people want to meet up with me to perform a blot and see what its like. The results are pretty good, I recieved a email from someone I already knew to be a American NS giving me support.

Now for my curiousity and im going by luck but, if you happen to be one of these interesed central Florida folk who did the following and you are seeing this, I tried to write you back and if somehow view this, please write me back because I have responded to you:

The elder man who sent me a link to VNN, and commented about how he felt proud about seeing youth interested in their routes.

And the guy who identified himself as a Swedish man living in Monteverde, I would like to definintely include you in a blot and I am glad to hear you too practice the faith of our ancestors.