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Thread: French Mercenary Soccer Team Boycotts Training

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    It really is a shame. Not to imagine how the Irish would have presented themselves to the world instead of the French. They would have "fought until their last drop of blood" and would have played with joy.

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    ce again, World Cup 2010 explodes myth of Negro superiority in sports.
    Certain groups of sub-Saharan Africans have specific physiological traits that give them an edge in sports like basketball. Of course we just saw the whitest team win the NCAA championship this year.

    However, soccer requires great endurance. It is the sports that require the most endurance that white people excel the most.

    There are five sub-Saharan African teams in the World Cup that are all black. South Africa, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, and Nigeria. South Africa and Nigeria are already out. Ivory Coast and Cameroon are in the bottom half of their group and will probably not move on to the second round. Only Ghana is doing well. There are a total of 32 teams, and 16 will move on to the second round.

    There are two more teams that are over half black, France and Brazil.

    The big story is France, who fielded an international majority black team. France is one of the worst teams on the field this year, despite decades of being a major contender. Insiders say the teams multi-national members all hate each other and can’t get along. The last time France won the world cup was with an all white, all French team.

    Groups A & B have completed their matches. Group A consisted of South Africa, France, Mexico, and Uruguay. Uruguay was the top team. Their starting line up had one Mestizo and one black. The rest were white.

    Group B consisted of Argentina, South Korea, Greece, and Nigeria. Argentina came out on top. Argentina’s entire squad doesn’t have a single black. There are a few Mestizos and the rest are white.


    If I am not in error, France won the cup with Zedine, who obviously is Arab.

    Other than that I only can agree with the article.
    weel nich will dieken dej mot wieken

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    Yoann Gourcuff is the only player in France i like. I don`t like Ribèry nor Toulalan, they seem to be doucebags.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thusnelda View Post
    So SA and France are out, no one will miss them. And I hope Ghana follows tomorrow! I´m a little bit unsure if Germany will win. Well, we have to!
    Isn`t there much talk about the `multicultural success` in Germany now, concerning your national soccer team i mean?
    In 1998, multiculturalists celebrated France for that reason, whilst mocking Le Pen and other European nationalists.
    Now, twelve years later, it seems that Germany will be celebrated for that reason (Mesut Özil, Cacau and son on...).

    Also in Sweden, multiculturalists and leading politicians are using, mainly, Zlatan Ibrahimiovic, as an "example" of how well multiculture works.

    //Rickard Melkersson

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    PSG Women star Aminata Diallo is arrested for 'hiring two...

    France and PSG Women star is arrested after she 'paid two men to attack a team-mate with an iron bar - leaving her needing stitches - so she could take her place in the team'

    Police have yet to charge Diallo (left) but are thought to be working on the theory that she hired goons to attack Hamraoui (right) to take her place in the squad.

    • PSG midfielder Kheira Hamraoui, 31, beaten up by masked men on November 4
    • Was left needing stitches and missed Champions League game through injury
    • Aminata Diallo, 26, her PSG teammate and sporting rival, has now been arrested
    • Police are thought to be investigating whether Dallo hired goons to beat up Hamraoui in order to steal her place in the team

    A Paris Saint-Germain Women's player has been arrested on suspicion of hiring two goons to attack her own teammate in a bid to steal her place in the squad.

    Aminata Diallo, 26, was arrested early Wednesday at her home in Marly-le-Roi, near Versailles, by officers probing a November 4 attack on 31-year-old Kheira Hamraoui. Hamraoui - a midfielder for PSG, a French international, and Diallo's direct rival - was being driven home by the younger player when two masked men stopped the car and beat her so badly with iron bars that she required stitches.

    She subsequently missed a Tuesday night Champions League game against Real Madrid, with Diallo - also a midfielder and French international - taking her place. PSG won the game 4-0 and Diallo was arrested the next morning. Police have yet to charge Diallo and are not thought to have identified the masked attackers, but French media say they are working on the theory that she wanted her teammate injured in a case of rivalry-gone-wrong.

    PSG has acknowledged Diallo's arrest and confirmed that it is linked to an investigation over the assault of another of its players, but refused to comment further. The attack happened on the evening of November 4 following a team meal that PSG held for players in Paris, a relative of Hamraoui to French magazine L'Equipe. After the meal, Diallo offered to drive Hamraoui from the restaurant to her home in the Yvelines region, close to where her own property is located. When the pair got close to Hamraoui's home, two masked men stopped the car and beat her with iron bars. The assault is thought to have lasted a few minutes, after which the men fled.

    Diallo was 'detained' by the two men during the assault but did not suffer any injuries, a club source told AFP. It is not clear exactly how the two men stopped the car, or how Diallo was 'detained'. Hamraoui was taken to hospital where she was given stitches in her legs and hands. She was unable to take part in PSG's Champions League game with Real Madrid on Tuesday, with the club saying at the time that she sat the match out for 'personal reason's. Diallo started the match instead.

    Hamraoui has spent the majority of her career playing in France's Division 1 Féminine. She played for Hénin-Beaumont and Saint-Étienne before spending four seasons at PSG between 2012 and 2016. She then signed for Lyon where she won the Champions League twice and the Coupe de France Féminine twice, with Lyon finishing top of Division 1 twice. Hamraoui then went to Barcelona where she helped her team to their first ever Champions League final but missed the game due to a red card suspension, which Barcelona lost to Lyon 4-1. During her second season at Barcelona she helped the team to an historic treble win of the Primera División title, Champions League and Copa de la Reina. Hamraoui returned to PSG in July this year, saying: 'I've reached all my objectives with Barcelona.'

    Meanwhile Diallo singed for PSG in 2016 - the same year Hamraoui left - and has played for them for two seasons. She spent most of the 2020 season on loan to the Utah Royals in America, and part of the 2021 season on loan with Atlético de Madrid Femenino. Diallo has started three of PSG's seven league games this season and has come on as a sub in the other four, while Hamraoui has started six of the seven league games, with Diallo starting the other match against Soyaux-Charente on September 12. They both started together for the game on October 10 versus Guingamp and October 31 for the game against Dijon but in the Women's Champions League, Hamraoui started the first two matches with Diallo on the bench but the 31-year-old missed the third game yesterday due to the injuries sustained.

    The club has confirmed Diallo has been taken into custody. In a club statement, PSG said: 'Paris Saint-Germain takes note of the police custody this morning of Aminata Diallo by the Versailles DRPJ as part of the procedure opened following an assault on Thursday last night against club players. 'Paris Saint-Germain strongly condemns the violence committed. 'Since Thursday evening November 4, the club has taken all the necessary measures to guarantee the health, well-being and safety of its players.

    'Paris Saint-Germain is working with the Versailles SRPJ to shed light on the facts. The club is attentive to the progress of the procedure and will study the follow-up to be given to it.' The news comes just days before PSG's huge top of the table clash with Lyon on Sunday. Both teams are level on 21 points after seven games. PSG ended Lyon's 14-year reign at the top of Division 1 by winning the title last season and also knocked them out of the Champions League at the quarter-final stage. Lyon had won the European competition five years in a row.

    Hamraoui joined PSG in the summer after leaving Champions League winners Barcelona. She was re-called to the France squad after a two-year absence for their 2023 World Cup qualifying matches last month but had to withdraw due to a calf injury, with Diallo called up in her place. However, Diallo did not feature in either of France's games against Estonia or Kazakhstan.

    Aminata Diallo arrested ‘ordered attack on rival to steal place in team ... 11 XI 2021.

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