Has anyone did this? Paper stickers are easier to make, but they are not very good outdoors. They get destroyed from rain pretty fast, but they are cheap to make. Maybe one can laminate them with transparent plastic film.

You can buy vinyl papers which you can use to print at home, has anyone experience with this?
For example: http://www.texascraft.com/hps/home.php?cat=288

Vinyl Making

I have a black and white laser printer and want to try to make some stickers. I can laminate them myself if needed.

Has anyone here made any stickers at home? It could be good for propaganda I know there are several online businesses that can make stickers for you, but it gets expensive, especially with our low custom limit. And also they might not be interested in printing the stickers Havnt seen these vinyl papers for sale in Norway, have tried googling too. Our custom limit is really low, so it might be expensive to import (but cheaper than letting someone else produce the stickers).