An intimate and moving account of one family's extraordinary courage in the face of overwhelming injustice and brutality.

Anyone seen it? A quote from IMDB:

I always hold dear the memories of visiting my grandparents as a child and taking early morning walks through the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, it was majestic to say the least. To see the state Zimbabwe is in today is so sad considering it used to be such a great country.

This documentary did a fantastic job of creating awareness, the real truths behind the (m)ugabe regime. You cannot help feel a deep sadness for the individuals' involved, especially noting that children are the also the victims of this outrageous regime.

A realisation that a brain washed/racist state is the order of the day, every day in Zimbabwe. The White Farmers are providing for 100's of workers livelihoods and they're the bad guys. The whole concept on which Mugabe bases his Dictatorship is one big Contradiction. As they say, every dog has its day.