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Thread: Immigrants "Making Germany Dumber"

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    Immigrants "Making Germany Dumber"

    As Immigration Invasion Threatens Germany, Leading Banker Warns that “Immigrants Are Making Germany Dumber”

    BNP News

    As Germany, like all European nations, comes under increasing threat from the Third World immigration invasion, a leading member of the central state bank in that country has claimed that immigrants are making his nation dumber.

    Thilo Sarrazin told a conference in Frankfurt that immigrants from Turkey, the Middle East and Africa are affecting Germany society negatively.

    “There’s a difference in the reproduction of population groups with varying intelligence,” Mr Sarrazin said.

    In his speech, Mr Sarrazin, who is also a former finance minister in the German government, cited what he called “ample statistics” as evidence that he was right.

    “The fact that immigrants tend to have more children than Germans has caused a different propagation of population groups with different intelligence because parents pass their intelligence on to their children,” he said.

    Mr Sarrazin is no stranger to controversy. In October last year he described Muslim children as “underclass” citizens.

    “I don’t have to accept someone who lives off a state they reject, doesn’t properly take care of the education of his children and keeps producing more little girls in headscarves,” Mr Sarrazin was quoted as saying in the Lettre International journal.

    “That goes for 70 percent of the Turkish and 90 percent of the Arabic population of Berlin.”

    Ten days ago, a German government survey revealed that young Muslim men in Germany were more prone to violence.

    * In 2007, more than 16 million people in Germany were of non-German descent (first and second generation, including mixed heritage). As the total population was some 82 million, this represents some 20 percent of the country’s population.

    Germany has also been a prime destination for refugees from the Third World, primarily because its constitution long had a clause giving a 'right' to political asylum.

    The German constitution, adopted after the Second World War, compelled the country to accept virtually any refugee who was fleeing political or social violence in their home countries.

    As most of the Third World is continuously in strife, this was easy enough to prove, and millions of non-whites, fleeing their self-created chaotic countries, entered Germany in this way.

    The massive Turkish influx has generated another issue in Germany: that of the creation of a numerically strong Islamic base there.

    The largest source of non-white immigration into Germany has been from Turkey, although the liberal asylum laws that country had until the mid-1990s encouraged several million other non-white immigration waves from Africa and Asia as well.

    As is the case elsewhere in Europe, the Third World immigration population is dramatically overrepresented in German crime statistics.

    In Berlin, young male immigrants are three times more likely to commit violent crimes than their German peers.

    Figures released by the German government in 2007 showed that 43 percent of all violent crimes in Germany were committed by people under 21 years of age, and that more than half were by foreign-born youth.

    When the figures are adjusted to include the children of Third World immigrants, this figure climbs even higher.

    This is reflected in the prison population, where, as early as 1997, some 27 percent of the prison population in 1997 was non-German.

    No figures have been made public on prison inmates who are second or third generation descendants of Third World immigrants, but, given the statistics from elsewhere in Europe, no imagination is needed to draw the obvious conclusion.


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    I don't buy that statistic. Since our folk's been dumbed down to the level where naturalising a field of cabbage would seemingly raise the people's average IQ, I'm sometimes starting to think that any increased average lack of brain of the populace wouldn't even be possible if you shipped a whole load of Australoids here.

    Honestly, that's not a new finding. They're all so sensationalist about it: "Ooh, so the foreigners indeed dumb society down". It is actually alarming that it still needs the BNP to point out the dead obvious, I suppose there's nothing else left to comment? After all, any halfways thinking person already knows that these types are tendentially more intellectually challenged, to put it mildly. Just that some are cowards in their inactivity to do something about it, others essentially criminal in their denial of reality.

    Essentially, if you get a whole country's scroungers, lowlifes and outright idiots it's hardly a surprise that this is going to be the result. I'm just waiting for the first outcries though that this is obviously the result of social exclusion, racism and a lack of effort on our behalf. In fact I assume it probably has been done already.

    It doesn't make much of a difference though, to be honest. It doesn't matter to me whether the Sudanese Negro from next door or the Turk around the corner has an IQ of 50 or 160. He simply doesn't belong here either way, and perhaps, come the day of repatriation, we might still be glad to have accepted only the idiots because they'll find themselves incapable of any type of rational reasoning as to what they've done for us and will be more swift to deal with.
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