Two history lovers claim they found remains of a teutonic castle near Sarrebourg/Saarburg (*) with a crypt & tunnels network.


In fact there was in Saarbrücken a major teutonic command post
one of their fief was that still today keeps the teutonic cross on its coat of arm

Teutonic Knight were in Sarrebourg since 1222 and are said to be at the origin of its hospital.

The discover site may have been previously a gallo-roman villa that was build on a strategic site (controlling the via) and therefore may have add underground storage facilities.
Teutonic Knights could have converted it as a crypt.

More interesting is the map under this stone

that could be the one of the network and show the position of 12 gold statue of the Apostles that a local legend claims they should be buried somewhere.

Some people dream that it could be even a part of the Templar Treasure...

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(*) the one on the French side not the one in Rhineland-Palatinate