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Thread: Plato, The First "Planner"

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    Plato, The First "Planner"

    It Started with Plato

    by S.H.-Rivington | August 19, 2009


    ...He advocated the procreation of a privileged governing class — a sort of brain trust — to be produced by a system of selective breeding which approximates stud farming and the rearing of pedigreed prize stock. The "wise men" so born and trained would be the backbone of the state administration.

    To secure a virile race and to keep the population within predetermined limits, Plato counseled the segregation of the sexes, state-arranged cohabitation, communism in wives, and the state ownership of children. From birth onward children would be reared in public nurseries where mothers would have to feed whatever child the state officials directed, to assure that no mother would be able to identify her own child, and no child would know its own parents.
    Click here to read the full article.

    Does Plato in his Republic suggest that every citizen of the state should relinquish their private ownership or should only the governing class (philosopher-kings)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wurfaxt View Post
    Does Plato in his Republic suggest that every citizen of the state should relinquish their private ownership

    or should only the governing class (philosopher-kings)?
    Only the 'guardian class' (of which the philosopher-kings are the elite of the elite).

    I knew this was going to be a article before opening the thread, btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wurfaxt
    Does Plato in his Republic suggest that every citizen of the state should relinquish their private ownership
    As far as I know this only concerns the warrior class. A rule which is pretty successful in making a successful warrior class.

    Quote Originally Posted by article
    He was the first of the "planners" and the true founder of the communist economy which deifies the state.
    Nonsense, Plato's ideas on politics were aristocratic in nature and thus in no way egalitarian. It's a cleare sign of ignorance to equate a strong state with communism.

    Plato's ideal republic was founded upon two primary assumptions: (1) that the community must be comprised of only two classes, those who govern and those who are governed (the latter owing implicit obedience to the former), and (2) that human qualities are mainly hereditary and therefore that rulers must beget future rulers. (It should be noted that Plato belonged by birth to the aristocratic governing class who hated the democracy no less than the principles upon which the democratic system is founded.)
    (1) His Republic shows us three classes: The workers, the soldiers and the rulers. The soldiers and the rulers are somewhat closer to eachother, but education tells eventually who will be rulers.

    (2) The writer of the article fails to mention the importance of education when it comes to selecting people for the protecting and the ruling classes. Whether people from the lowest class can rise in class or not isn't very clear as far as I can remember.

    It was the prime source of the socialist nationalization doctrine and the foundation of the class war dogma of Karl Marx, which was merely Platonism in reverse, with the revolutionaries as rulers.
    Plato did not advocate a class war, but a healthy meritocratic class co-operation. Furthermore Marxism can't be Platonism in reverse, because it isn't reversable; Marxism wants to abolish the classes altogether.

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