The booklet for the Field Museum's Hall of Man exhibit (which Steve Sailer wrote about in "Racial Correctness: The Case Of Malvina Hoffman"). From the introduction by Sir Arthur Keith:
To explain satisfactorily the racial problems so realistically and so truthfully presented to us in this hall, we have to accept as a truth the prevalence of the laws of evolution in the world of humanity.

[Fieldiana, Popular Series, Anthropology, no. 30; contents: Preface / Berthold Laufer -- Introduction / Sir Arthur Keith -- Human Biology -- Description of Races -- I. Africa. -- II. Europe -- III. Asia -- IV. America -- V. Oceania. -- Bibliography -- Plan of Chauncey Keep Memorial Hall (Hall 3) -- List of sculptures by Malvina Hoffman]
Fittingly, the work was digitized as part of's Biodiversity Heritage Library. About the author: "Henry Field was a Field Museum Assistant Curator of Physical Anthropology and a nephew of Marshall Field, the department store magnate who helped start The Field Museum and after whom the museum is named." Field Museum benefactor "Marshall Field was born on a farm in Conway, Massachusetts, the son of John Field IV and wife Fidelia Nash. His family was descended from Puritans".