Minnesota was approximately 98% White just 40-years ago. Now the White segment is down to 85%. Another way of looking at it, is that there were fewer then 100,000 non-Whites in 1970 (out of 3.8 million) & today there are nearly 800,000 (out of 5.2 million). Immigration has been the major reason for the grwoth of the non-White population in Minnesota. This is the land that was settled by families of New England Yankee stock, supplemented by immigrants from Scandinavia, Germany & the British Isles. Nowadays the immigrants are likely to be from Africa. I knew there were Somalis in Minnesota but there are also other African countries supplying immigrants to Minnesota;

The flow of immigrants to Minnesota is quietly reaching record highs amid signs of what could prove to be a profound and lasting shift in their continents of origin.

For the first time ever, African nations are supplying more than half the state's legal immigrants. Four countries from that continent now stand atop the list.

Arrivals are doubling and quadrupling from countries such as Kenya and Liberia even as numbers are tapering off, for a variety of reasons, from past immigrant taproots such as India, Thailand and Russia, federal data show.

Africans say they are attracted here for the same reasons as others -- quality of life, good schools for their kids -- with the additional twist of Minnesota's reputation in parts of that continent as being receptive to immigrants with funny accents.

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I wonder if Minnesota's Scandinavian heritage plays a part in it being a magnet for African immigrants. Until the last generation many Minnesotans have had little actual interactions with non-Whites & are generally more likely to be progressive on social & racial issues - much like their European cousins.