By Adrian Holman

Not only will this generation see the collapse of the USA whenever America defaults on all of the loans from China, but we will also be around to witness the future collapse of Europe. On March 25th and 26th, the European Council met in Brussels to discuss possible measures that could be implemented to stifle the decline of the European economy. If the economic collapse in Greece spreads throughout the continent, then Europe could eventually go bankrupt.

The European Council has decided to wait until June before addressing the economic problems within the European Union. Therefore, this procrastination could possibly cost Europe dearly. If something happens within the next two months, then the economy of Europe could fall like a house of cards. You can check out what the European Council talked about on those two days right here.

Here is a quote from page two of the document that was released by the European Council: "If we do not act, Europe will lose ground." Yet, they are going to wait until June to act.

On page three, the European Council lists three things that they believe will bring about an economic turnaround throughout Europe. However, the three suggestions that they are going to implement in June are the very three things that will accelerate their collapse.

The first thing that the European Council plans to do is to bring unemployment under 25% throughout Europe. Europe's deficit is caused because they are paying unemployment insurance to over 1/4 of their entire continent! They plan to have more people work "through the integration of youth, older workers and lower skilled workers and the better integration of legal migrants;" How does Europe plan to have integration when Europe has never experienced racial and economic integration. For example, the USA experienced integration during the 1960's with the passing of the Civil Rights Act. In South Africa, apartheid was abolished in 1991 which lead to integration of the country. However, Europe has never experienced a civil rights movement of that type of magnitude to bring about integration. Depending upon a pipe dream will cause collapse.

The second part of the plan is to put aside at least 3% of Europe's GDP for improving research and development. Instead of using that 3% to lower Europe's trade deficit, they would rather choose to do research. By admitting that more research must be done, the European Union does not currently have a solution on stopping its economic collapse. Why spend so much money on research? Last year's estimated GDP for the European Union was $14.5 trillion. So, the European Union is willing to spend over $400 billion on research and development. As seen by the EU's funding of the Large Hadron Collider, that research will go to waste. Smashing electrons together does absolutely nothing to improve EU's economy. Also, where will the money come if the Collider leaks again and blows up half of Europe?

The third thing that they plan to do is to lower greenhouse gases by 20% of the 1990 level. For all of the countries in the European Union to meet that standard, corporations all throughout Europe will have to cut into their profits to update their facilities to reach that level. The less profit a company makes, the less its stock value will be. When the stock values go down, then there will be less investors in these companies. The decline in investors will then bring about the economic collapse of Europe. This same scenario could also happen in the USA if cap and trade legislation is passed in the future. So, sit back, relax, and grab some popcorn because you will be able to see an even bigger collapse on the horizon then the one that occurred in 2008.