He said: "I did time in Belmarsh a decade ago but what struck me this time was the drive to convert prisoners to Islam. The rate of conversion is frightening. And no one is converting for religious reasons. It's now trendy to be part of the Muslim movement ."

This sounds like a very trendy recipe
Take the most violent Religion
Ad a dash of the nastiest prisoners
Wipe it up into a frenzy
And get some jihad stew!

I can’t see any of us eating this crap so why are they? I search and I search the Quran and the Hadith, but I find nothing attractive about this repressive throwback to the Abrahamic Dispensation.
What is it about a violent religion that is so attractive for Man.?
Even in a peaceful religion like Christianity, for the most part of history its followers have found some justification to kill their enemies, rather than love them.

Is there an internal part of us that always seeks to destroy, and is just looking for a catalyst?

How about suicide bombers, is there a part of us always looking for the easy way out?
Are promises of a glorious home with beautiful women to serve our every needs,
Enough to seduce so many people to take there lives in the cause of Islam?

I know many people look for purpose in their lives, so if you can find a religion that gives you freedom to kill your enemies, the right to control women, guaranties of an elated after life for some this may be too good of a religion to pass up.

Only when we strive for self gratification is violence attractive.
When we honestly care about other people beyond our selfish needs,
Can we in good conscience hurt them?

Sure a religion can give purpose and maybe lofty morals, but when its main theme is the mass conversion of its enemies by any means (convince of destroy) can it be a religion that a society can be based on?

Even Christianity as Jesus envisioned it was never meant to be a model for a society in this world, granted there is enough in the Bible to guide men to build a just and tolerant society as history can prove.

This was never the intent; Christianity was never to be a political force in this world.
It was to be a way of molding people’s hearts for the next world set up by God.

Sure the result would mean better citizens, better husbands and fathers better wives and children; this may help to be an example to others but never by force!

Enough people like this may even have an effect on a society for the good, in the long term.

If the desire for religion is built into us, and must find an outlet, only a religion of peace can truly live in harmony with all societies.

When a religion like Islam says peace by the sword, then infiltrates a society, can there ever be peace for that society, never! When people are willing to kill themselves to change others, terror instead of peace will rule the society until the society either removes the threat completely or gives into the threat.
Personally I hope we never give in.