=Zogbot;1017262]Since you use their lies to attack National Socialism, it is the only logical conclusion to identify you as a communist.
i only am skeptical of national socialism and my grandparents understand the horrors of it as they have said. you are one of those confused people in politics. you think there is only and extreme left or an extreme right, when to the contrary the majority of us are in the middle. i for one am a normal person in the middle with a more conservative social political ideal. i promote democracy and a republic for people are more important than governments to me. after all isn't germanic preservation about preserving the germanic "people" not germanic "government". rubbish.

More communist propaganda. The Marxists claim that we have arrived at the 'end of history' - that we have reached the supreme state of human evolution biologically and politically. Talk about [I]rubbish![/I

i despise communism and socialism. neither work because if everyone is payed the same there is no drive to become great and no drive to do better,,, after all why go to a university to become a great doctor when you could be paid equally being a store clerk. that is rubbish.

All can draw their conclusion as to why.

Thankfully, we have uncorrupted democracy

More Marxist lies. National Socialists do not believe the jews to be 'sub-humans' in the sense that the jewsmedia portrays that term. The jews are in fact our most capable foes on this planet. Nobody else has managed to withstand our might: only the jews have done so and what is more, turned our advantages against us. Between the jews and Whites, it's not a popularity contest. It's a brutal war that has been fought over a period of over 2000 years. The term sub-human refers to the jews' inability to create culture - art, music, architecture. They are cunning traders and liars, skills they have used extensively in planning their genocide of us. The jews have had their own 'Lebensborn' program far earlier than we even thought of it.
wow look up on jewish history for once in your life. they have a culture, if not a very strong one. look at a jew in israel and you will know they have culture, there music, dresswear, customs. also read mein kampf, which was basically the bible to national sozialism. pages and pages on the final solution and ending the jews. you live in an alternate reality where people ride on dragons and use magic wands.

You are still young, it seems and still lost. Hopefully you will grow.
unfortunatly i only take a true european to understand the situation as it is in my country. you know nothing about the horrors of national socialism that my relatives had to live while living her in the netherlands. and i don't need to grow im alreay 193cm. after all i am a frisian.