I know we want the preservation of are people, and that is a good thing to strive for. I personally think we often don’t look at the big picture, are own communities, geographical areas and country is enough to keep us busy.

I often hear “lets send them all home to there own countries”. I agree for the most part integration causes more problems, as races and religions do not always mix well. South Africa is a good example of how whites and blacks are not mixing or growing as a people. Islam is a good example of a religion not mixing well with other cultures.

Lets look at a perfect world; one where all ethnic groups are in there own country. Then I have to ask, what is our responsibility to the countries, where the treatment of woman and children is beneath a moral standard. In these countries they are treated no better than animals. Let’s look at the DR Congo:

This is a country tearing it self apart the treatment of women is sub-human. Doctors without borders is there treating the most horrible atrocities imaginable.


Let’s look at a country like Haiti:

This too is becoming an absolute cesspool of moral trash, woman are fleeing this country to avoid being gang raped or worse.

Let’s look at Guatemala:

Here we have gangs of young men called the Maras, most of them deportees from the US. Gang raping women and because of the Machismo mind set getting away with it.


For pity sake and in the interest of time I will stop at these three examples. So once again I’m back to the big questions:

If we sit back in our perfect little racially pure countries, and do nothing for the countries that are slipping into chaos, what will the future be for us?

How long until a chaotic country comes looking for our women and children.

I can hear us say “we will smash them into rubble” but many a civilization in history has been overthrown by a less intellectual society, because of vast numbers of enemy, rather than superior weapons or military strategy.

When no moral code exists, chaos is the end result, and it consumes everything.

I as a disciple of Jesus, promote His moral code that comes down to Love, in its many forms. Love of family, love of friends, and love of community, also the love that wants the best for my enemies.

This type of love is the most difficult of all, the one that goes against our very nature.

Someone may ask does it show love to allow women and children to be harmed by their own people regardless of the country they are in?

I say no, enlightened societies have a responsibility to stop chaos before it stops them.

Action has to be the result of a moral code or it’s just a way to keep us secure in our own little countries, while the world falls apart around us.

My last Question is how long will we be safe?

Not for the faint of heart I submit this last link to a PDF titled- Shattered Lives.