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Thread: Fischer Under Fire Over Alleged 'Sieg Heil!' Parliament Heck

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    Fischer Under Fire Over Alleged 'Sieg Heil!' Parliament Heck

    Incumbent president Heinz Fischer has been accused of shouting "Sieg Heil!" during a parliamentary debate in December 1989.

    Reports from today (Thurs) say that Fischer – back then the Social Democrats’ (SPÖ) whip – shouted the Nazi salute at the end of a speech by Freedom Party (FPÖ) MP Siegfried Dillersberger.

    A spokeswoman for the president – who took office in 2004 and announced his decision to run for a second term last November – said Fischer commented on the MP’s speech by saying "That’s almost a ‘Sieg Heil mentality’!"

    She claimed Fischer was unable to remember exactly what he said, adding that the statement was recorded incorrectly by the meeting’s protocol.

    Stefan Bachleitner, the head of the left-winger’s election campaign team, said: "It doesn’t surprise me such allegations come up now, a few days ahead of the election."

    Fischer had around 75 per cent of the vote in polls before the "Sieg Heil" accusations emerged.

    It has been Barbara Rosenkranz, the FPÖ’s candidate for president, who caused public outcry with several statements regarding Austria’s Nazi past.

    Rosenkranz – whose husband publishes a far-right news magazine – tried to calm the debate. She declared under oath that she had never doubted the existence of gas chambers at concentration camps as is claimed.

    Rosenkranz has between 10 and 15 per cent in polls, while political analysts warn of a record-low participation.

    Rudolf Gehring, the third candidate in the 25 April election, has meanwhile been confronted with harsh criticism after launching his presidential election campaign at a Viennese church.

    Viennese vicar general Franz Schuster wrote to the city’s parishes today saying he "condemns any instrumentalisation of the Church for political purposes."

    Schuster added: "Party politics have no place in the Church."

    Gehring, head of the non-parliament Austrian Christians Party (CPÖ), marks the start of his election campaign at a church in Vienna-Döbling Tuesday evening. Around 30 supporters gathered at the St. Paul parish to celebrate a mass with the real estate manager.

    Analysts said Gehring – who opposes euthanasia and abortion – did not stand a chance of winning more than five per cent support in the 25 April election.

    Austrian Times

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    I'm not interested in how often Heinz Fischer may have heckled with "Sieg Heil!" chants - this is the least of my worries when it comes to Fischer's supposed entitlement to a second term. I've long gone over to referring to him solely by "Heifisch", an abbreviation of his name that is a bit of a play on words (a homophone of Haifisch, German for shark), since his behaviour towards the people is quite similar to that of a shark.

    He's certainly fairly dangerous to our cause not only considering the laws he signed in his first term (Gay Marriage, Lisbon Treaty), but because of his involvement in passing the law allowing abortions for non-medical reasons back in the 70s. Not to mention his fondness for North Korea, the Soviet Union and other Communist dictatorships. Finally, I believe he may also be married to a Jewess, and I've heard rumours that he may be quarter Jewish himself. In brief, certainly not our man.
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