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Thread: What is in a Name? Should Germanics Have Germanic Names?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodskarl Dubhgall
    On a thread and forum dedicated for Germanic culture, as a proud German you uphold Greece and Rome before denigrating Anglo-Saxons as 'cheap'... In America, it's because of the snobbery and resistance of Germans playing "White Ethnics" in solidarity with non-Germanics (Sicilian Mafiosos and IRA fanatics) against Anglo-Saxons why America is no longer a bastion of Germanic culture. Can you square that circle?!
    There's nothing wrong with these names in an Anglo context per se, they simply sound unnatural and plastic in combination with a non-Anglo surname in continental Europe. It's almost exclusively underclass people who would give their children an English name, setting them up for failure in life early on. Giving your children a more traditional, sensible and wholesome name is recommendable then. This is also not merely about Anglo names, Scandinavian or Spanish ones are just as bad for let's say a German child.

    When I was born tons of children were baptised as Kenneths, Kennys, Kimberlys, Kevins, Kristofs and Cindys. Any Cindy or Kenny with an I.Q. over 100 hates their name over here.

    This is the same mentality of those who have apologetics for a Roman Axis inclusive of Tokyo whilst dogging Germanic Anglo-American Allies despite the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.
    Two different British prime ministers tried to bring about a pact with the USSR, Chamberlain before the Germans did, Churchill even established a full, open ended alliance. And it was to threaten Germany. For Germany the pact was to threaten Poland and avoiding a two front war.
    "Our country is ourselves. It is our villages, our altars, our graves, all that our fathers loved before us. Our country is our Faith, our land, our King. . . But their country — what is it? Do you understand? Do you? . . . They have it in their brains; we have it under our feet. . ." - François-Athanase Charette

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