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Thread: Protest Against the Genocide in South Africa

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    Graphic Protest Against White Genocide

    Uhuru Guru from South Africa Sucks blog reported on the graphic protest organised by Boers fed up with the fact that the communist ANC government in South Africa turns a blind eye to hate crimes against whites and especially elderly folk.
    In early March 2009, a gang of savages broke into the Allanridge (Orange Free State) home of Alice Lotter (78) and her daughter Helen (57). The two defenceless women were beaten, humiliated, raped and finally tortured in the most cruel and inhumane way.
    The barbaric savages literally cut them to pieces with knives and broken bottles, while still alive. Glass shards were forced into their private parts and one of the ladies had her breasts cut off, after which it was used to paint bloody anti-White hate slogans on the walls. White police officers who investigated the slaughter were severely traumatised and had to receive trauma counselling. Significantly, the Lotter home was less than a block away from the local police station - said police station manned almost exclusively by blacks...

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    The complete article is an interesting read.

    Included also is the sole reason why some people who pretend to know SA claims "it's not so bad":

    As is always the case in such horrendous acts of White-hating genocide, the case received scant or little attention in the MSM. The English media completely blocked any reporting of it, while the Afrikaans press hugely diminished the shocking extent of the crimes. They simply reported that two women had been murdered, but did not breathe a single word of the mind-numbing brutality and shocking manner in which Alice & Helen were tortured to death. It is standard operating procedure to downplay black on white crimes, while the opposite tactic is used for (extremely rare) white on black crimes.

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    Protest Against the Genocide in South Africa
    Article & translation: Nationellt Motstånd

    Protest against the genocide in South Africa

    On Saturday the 17th of April 2010, the Swedish Resistance Movement (Svenska Motståndsrörelsen) march to the South African embassy in Stockholm, housing representatives of the ANC government.

    We hold the ANC responsible not only for the murder of Eugéne Terre’Blanche, leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB), but also for the ongoing genocide of whites in South Africa.

    Eugéne Terre’Blanche dedicated his life to the struggle for his people and a sovereign state for the white Boer people. Tragically his life ended, just like thousands of other white farmers, brutally murdered by blacks. Several thousands and yet more, are those who mourn the loss. We shall never forget his sacrifice!

    Therefore we march - under the slogan "Stop the Boer genocide!" - in honor and remembrance for the white leader of the AWB. But we also march to tell the world about the situation for our kindred people in South Africa. We will tell of a government who in silence support murder, rape and plunder of whites.

    Hereby we call upon our brothers and sisters around the globe to take a stand, no longer can we sit and do nothing as the white population of South Africa is being murdered. What happens in South Africa today, will happen in our nations tomorrow!

    The Swedish Resistance Movement march to the South African embassy in Stockholm on Saturday 17th of April, to show the Boer nation that they are not alone, that we are with them in their struggle for survival.

    We urge YOU to do the same, to show the world that the white race is still a force to reckon with, for this our comrades, IS YOUR DUTY!

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