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Thread: South Africa Officially Announces New Hominid Species, A. Sediba

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    South Africa Officially Announces New Hominid Species, A. Sediba

    The discovery of a new hominid species has been officially announced at the Cradle of Humankind site near Johannesburg by South African Vice President Kgalema Motlanthe.
    Krugersdorp, South Africa - Speaking on South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)’s channel 3, he said:

    We will be able to add yet another fascinating layer in the answer to the question, ”Where do I come from.”

    The full results are to be published in the journal Science. According to The Times the researchers felt it fills an important gap between older hominids and the species Homo, which includes modern humans.
    The species, which looks like the earlier, ape-like human ancestors, is to be called Australopithecus sediba after the Sotho word for ”natural spring.”
    The man whose son made the actual discovery, Professor Lee Berger of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg said:

    These fossils give us an extraordinarily detailed look into a new chapter of human evolution and provide a window into a critical period when hominids made the committed change from dependency on life in the trees to life on the ground. Australopithecus sediba appears to present a mosaic of features demonstrating an animal comfortable in both worlds.

    Berger said A. sediba's mosaic of features could become a sort of Rosetta stone that helps to unlock the secret of how the genus Homo evolved.
    The find consists of an adult female and a juvenile, each about 1,27 metres (about four feet) tall. The female would have weighed some 33 kilograms (about 73 pounds) and the child 27 kilos.
    The skeletons show long forearms and small, powerful hands, but with more human-like facial features than other Australopithicenes.
    The pair might have died together, according to SABC 3. They lived between 1,78 and 1,95 million years ago.

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    Intresting timing for this discovery to be made public...
    Although the word "Commando" was wrongly used to describe all Boer soldiers, a commando was a unit formed from a particular district. None of the units was organized in regular companies, battalions or squadrons. The Boer commandos were individualists who were difficult to control, resented formal discipline or orders, and earned a British jibe that"every Boer was his own general".

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    Why should we believe the word of these decidedly establishment scientists? They have already committed the fallacy of pre-determining that evolutionary theory alone is responsible and explains EVERYTHING about this latest alleged find.

    A. sediba's mosaic of features could become a sort of Rosetta stone that helps to unlock the secret of how the genus Homo evolved.
    Could become”...

    Meaning they aren't 100% sure if it could be used as evidence, therefore its value as evidence still belongs in the category of 'Dubious Finds'.
    They then proceed to use that tired old cliche "The secret that helps to unlock..."
    Honestly, if I had a dime for every time I heard the science world exclaim this...

    Like always, they just had to discover this in Africa.
    How do we know they haven't found "cradles" in other places?
    Like Europe for instance.
    What is so wrong about a theory, no less or more than the African claim, that posits that Europe is the cradle of Germanics?
    Why this total acceptance that we share ancestry with the negro?

    Perhaps there have been numerous finds of skeletons in Europe that are proof Germanics emerged right where they have always been, looked like they have always been, but secreted away from the public in order to make their "Out of Africa" theory the only one people SHOULD believe...or else.

    Perhaps (perhaps) Africa has been designated as the cradle by the diversity tyrants to bolster the anti-Germanic claim that we are all the same, have always been the same.
    Blacks themselves certainly point to these finds as "proof" of their greatness when arguing with typical negro-tude:

    "Without us, the White man could not have existed."

    ...the researchers felt it fills an important gap between older hominids and the species Homo, which includes modern humans.
    Fills it how? You mean it is enough evidence to fill in those gaps of hundreds of thousands of years?
    Only if we take the scientists word for it.

    They will need to find numerous other precise and matching examples of this species that the humanoid belonged to, and all found in the same area in which it was alleged to have been discovered.
    They will then have to unearth examples from every generation that preceded it in order to observe the crucial transitions that took place from the time of its emergence from...whatever, to the time it evolved into the shape of a humanoid.
    For further confirmation, and just as crucial, they will then have to unearth succeeding examples from every generation that followed the humanoid in question. These post-transitions will also have to display the changes that subtly took place. Each little change must be proven to be one that played its evolutionary role in the eventual modern human.

    But they haven't made any such finds. There should certainly be thousands more examples to be discovered besides the occasional one. Instead, there are thousands of invisible dots that still need to be connected here.

    In the end this skull could represent just about anything, if it is indeed genuine.
    It proves nothing except that it is yet another weak link that will be added to the chain and is just as questionable as the others.

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