Maybe some of you played that Risk version

I would like to use the rule/miniature on an alternative map. Instead of using Europe & Mediterranean Sea

and playing Babylonian, Egyptian,... I would like to play only the sharing of Western Empire during the "Barbarian Invasions" featuring german tribes/federations only (the Gallo-Roman will be the neutral NPA: Non Played Army, Hunnic horde will come as an event)

Could anybody suggest me some maps of Gaul & borderlands featuring the areas controlled by Visigoth, Franks, Ostrogoths, Anglo-Saxons, Burgunds,... just as this one

but showing the subdivisions between the "leudes" or antrustions (early form of vassals, same root as german "Leute" or english "trust") to be playable with Risk rules.
Of course the historical names of the lands (Neustria, Austriasa,...) interest me as well.