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    Thumbs Down Sharia4Belgium Site

    A new site by a group of youth from Antwerp: Sharia 4 Belgium. The site has just under 30 members at the moment. I don't think it's too difficult to figure out who's behind this. A couple of months ago British radical Anjem Choudary, head of Islam4UK, told a Belgian newspaper a couple of months ago that he intends to set up a Belgian branch.

    As the group write on their homepage:

    "Due to the current situation of Muslims in this country, we've decided to stand up for the rights of both Muslims and non-Muslims. It's now 86 years since the fall of the Islamic Khalifate. The tyranny and corruption in this country got the upper hand, we go from one scandal to the other. Economic crises, pedophilia, crime, growing Islamophobia etc."

    "As we've saved Europe in the past from the dark ages, we now plan to do the same. Now we have the correct solution to all crises and this is the observance of the divine laws, namely Sharia. We call to implement Sharia in Belgium."

    "Democracy is a man-made system that has shortcomings in all fields, as does man. And we've seen this in the fall of Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Capitalism, Liberalism etc."

    "Let us save ourselves by obeying the laws or our Creator, He is the only legislator (...) Sharia is the perfect system for humanity, in 1300 years of the Islamic state we knew only order, welfare and the protection of all human rights."

    "As we know that Spain, France and Switzerland knew their best times under Sharia. In these 1300 years, 120 women were raped, which is equal to 120 women a day in Europe. There were barely 60 robberies recorded in 1300 years. Sharia forbids any form of monopoly and there are no taxes besides zakat (poor-tax) and jizya (protection-money)."

    "The Jewish and Christian community enjoy absolute protection of their lives, wealth and honor."

    "As we know, the woman has a very high status in Islam and therefore the legislation of Allah guarantees all rights of the woman. The exploitation of the woman as today by perversion (ads,...), vice would be removed by promoting polygamy and marriages that will be financed by the state."

    "Through this we invite the royal family, parliament, all the aristocracy and every Belgian resident to the light of Islam. Save yourself and your children of the painful punishment of the hereafter and grant yourself eternal life in paradise."

    From their FAQ:

    Q: Do you approve of terrorism?

    A: No, we oppose the foreign policy of dictatorship and killing of any type too. We want a world in which people of all convictions can leave next to each other in safety, without fear of violence. We condemn encouragement and incitement of terrorism against innocent women and children, regardless of belief, color or age. Our site does not encourage any form of terrorism, whether directly or indirectly. We only call on Muslims to return to the Word of their Lord and we've never done this by way of violence or killing of people via bombs etc.

    Q: Do you promote, approve racial hatred?

    A: We don't do such things, in fact we couldn't do this, even if we would want to. All our actions are guided by the All-mighty Allah, Islam condemns any form of racial hatred.

    Q: Are you against the West?

    A: No, we love the West, Allah created it, for that matter we also love the East. We are balanced individuals without a too-high blood-pressure. This site is not meant to sow hatred against individuals on the basis of their desires.

    Q: Would you soon blow yourself up?

    A: If I would blow myself up, I wouldn't work on this site. Additionally, I have no leanings to suicide. We do not encourage any attacks and we condemn violence against innocent people.

    Q: What will you achieve with this site?

    A: Janna (paradise), with all its virtues. We only seek to please Our Lord, not more, not less.

    Q: Are you extremists who want to destroy everything in their path?

    A: Absolutely not, we believe that we could live in harmony, peace and safety, if we follow the command of Allah.

    Q: Are you from Hizbu Tahrir?

    A: No.

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    Muslims are really retarded, they believe that establishing Islam all over the world through violence, is the only way to attain peace. Do any of the hardliner Islamic countries look like peaceful places to live?

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