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Thread: Blondism or Germanicism / The Varg Vikernes Eye/Hair Colour Controversy

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    From genetic studies, Germany today has around 60% blue eyes and 40% brown, and Luxembourg has about half blue-eyed persons. If you look at Scotland or Ireland, they have up to 80% blue eyes with a sky blue variant. US once had the MOST blue-eyed people in the world until open borders. Much of the lighter features came from the Anglo-Saxons and the Irish. When I went to school, most students had blue eyes and blonde hair except for 2-3 students in a class, but they were either Italian or French descent by hearing their last names. There are still some regions with high number of recessive traits, but it has become much darker with the Latin presence. Over the last 50 years, US allowed in 60 million Mexican and Central Americans that radically changed our cities. Many whites still marry other Germanics, but the rates have slowly decreased among the Millennial generation. It's difficult for Northern Europeans to date here anymore with the rapid changes, and many nonwhites show higher motivation to date than white men. Where I live, the white communities have been thinned out with lots of Asians and Mexicans within three areas. So, lighter complexion and recessives stand out now. Well, US has been successfully changed from a once Germanic land to a Latinized culture of Americas. I don't think it will ever be reversed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freude View Post
    But if I had the choice between a swarthy mediterranean German bride and a nordic foreign one
    There is no reason to have such a choice in the first place, other than trying to justify a fetish for foreign women. Not as though 100% of Germanic women are "swarthy mediterraneans". In fact, one is more likely to find a Nordish Germanic woman than a Slavic one, for example. So really, the only reason to bring up such a choice is an attempt to justify one's lust for foreign women. Won't work.

    "What else won't you do with them then?"

    If you don't intend to procreate with them, there is no reason to sleep with them in the first place, or have any kind of romantic relationship. Those who do it anyway think with their privates instead of using their brain and staying true to their nation.

    And being German is more than having a passport, nobody on this forum defines it that way. Other than you.

    You are no national socialist.

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