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Thread: Even Pakistan Suffers Jewish Machinations

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    Even Pakistan Suffers Jewish Machinations

    I knew Zionism was trying to destroy Islam, now I thought it was because Islamic countries let no room in for the Jew, reading the following article it seems they have just as much control and are doing exactly the same things as they are doing here in the west.

    Allthough its a long article, its worth reading through, you will see how many of the things that ruin are country, like selling off our national assets to private and foriegn companies, are also happening in Pakistan, even immigration would you belive.
    The fella who wrote this is a Commadore in thier Navy.



    March 12, 2010 by Raja Mujtaba · 1 Comment

    Knowledge is power, only when applied

    Commodore Tariq Majeed – Pakistan Navy

    Preamble—and Summary

    This presentation, whose outline was prepared for a lecture at the Model Town Library, Lahore, identifies a grave, multi-threat, existential danger to Pakistan—indeed, also to the other Muslim countries. It calls for the immediate attention of the thinking people, especially those concerned with national security.

    The term New World Order was in wide popular use in the early 1990s. Then it gradually disappeared from the scene, and has since been hardly heard of. This is quite in line with the guileful game plan of its originators. They are having their new order methodically enforced in every country, while the people, although tormented by the ever worsening economic, social and political conditions around them, remain ignorant of the real villains and their game.

    The NWO is the design according to which the conditions of life and the identity and geography of countries are being reshaped—by scores of agents in countless ways. The two principal agents in the developing world are the IMF and the World Bank. The conditionalities attached to the loans that governments receive from them lead to enforcement of measures that are NWO’s components.

    It is the conditionalities accepted by Pakistan’s rulers that set in a rogue system to alter the fundamentals of the country’s economy and to crush the common consumers. Subsidies on POL, electricity, food and fertilizers were stopped and a mechanism for prices to rise continuously was created. The rogue system dictated selling off of national assets, vital services and industries to foreign private parties. All this has played havoc with the country’s economy and society. The havoc will go on if the rogue system is not reversed, as the conditionalities enforcing the NWO are set to continue.

    The IMF and World Bank are a major force in establishing the NWO, but they are only tools—serving a bigger force, World Zionism, also known as the Zionist International Jewry (Zinjry), which is aiming at creating a One-World Government to function under Zionist Order. The NWO design cannot be understood without understanding Zinjry. The NWO’s discernable schemes in the 1990s, while targeting all the countries, already had their main focus on Muslim countries. After 9-11, more schemes, almost all against the world of Islam, came to light.

    This paper offers only a glimpse at the Zinjry and the NWO. Much more needs to be exposed and explained about this hidden entity and its schemes.

    How to deal with the colossal danger? Obviously, full knowledge of Zinjry and its aims, strategies and resources is in itself a big step in battling the danger. The force of the media and the strength of public support should be fully employed. The ruling elite and the intelligentsia must have the competence and the will to take the required actions. Some of the NWO schemes, eg, privatization of national assets, spreading of SAARC network in Pakistan and the scheme to turn SAARC into South Asian Federation (SAF), must be stopped in their tracks, and then reversed. The local Fifth Column without which Zinjry cannot succeed in its schemes must be neutralized.

    Zionist International Jewry

    It is the secret Clique of power-seeking, ruthless Zionist political barons, rabbis, scholars, scientists and international moneylenders which exercises control over the world’s Jews and the state of Israel. Zionism is a racial, political, anti-religion and anti-morality creed, which has become the ideology of Jewish people. Israel is a Zionist not Jewish state.

    This Clique has been functioning for centuries and has amassed huge resources of all types. In 1897, the World Zionist Organization (WZO) was set up to serve as its front. The WZO, located in London and New York, has a worldwide network of branches and lobbies. The Zinjry already controls the Western countries, and aims to establish a One-World Government under its control.

    Zinjry’s Goals are Against All Nations

    Zinjry’s goals, resources and strategies, described here very briefly, are a vast subject. This brief description is still very useful in order to have an idea of the Zinjry’s dreadful threats and to correctly respond to them.

    When Zinjry’s programmed puppet Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait on 2 August 1990 and cleared the way for the US forces to occupy the Gulf States, the noise of a New World Order (NWO) rose in the Media. Many leaders and intellectuals wrote and spoke about it, but they were far off the mark. They had no idea that the NWO was a plot of World Zionism and not of America; they could not even imagine that the United States itself was to be a victim of the NWO!

    To expose the NWO, and to warn the people, I wrote a thesis, The Plot Called The New World Order and How to Counter it, in October 1991. It was published in the weekly Facts, Lahore, on 14 January 1992, and later formed part of my 1995 book, The Global Game for a New World Order. I explained that the so-called NWO was in fact the set of the Zionist Jewry’s long-held Goals that it was enforcing in all the countries in the world. Zinjry keeps expanding its Goals, as its own unfolding Game discloses. The launching of its scheme of Mega-Terrorism on 11 September 2001 disclosed several of its aims and strategies that were previously hidden.

    The exposition that follows is in two parts: the NWO’s substance that became apparent in October 1991 which remains its bedrock, and its features that came to light after 9-11.

    The New World Order as Exposed in October 1991

    The so-called NWO is a long thought-out project of Zionist Jewry to change the shape of the world in all spheres of life, political, economic, military, social, cultural, moral and ideological, to complete its hold over the world. The ideological force of Islam, with its potential to become a politico-economic force, is the only remaining obstacle in the way of the Zionist Jewry. That is why the Muslim People and the Muslim Countries are its main targets. Zinjry’s full force is directed against Pakistan that it considers as its main obstacle in the Muslim world.

    Zionist Offensive against the World of Islam—assessed in 1991

    Since around mid-1970s, Zinjry has been following a cunning and effective strategy in a four-pronged offensive to crush the Muslim Countries.

    * It has created through its agents severe sectarian, ethnic and social conflicts amongst the Muslims within each country.
    * It has engineered deep divisiveness and mutual hostility between various Muslim Countries.
    * Zinjry has created its puppets in the ruling and the religious classes in each Muslim country, and has then used them in various ways to bring Islam into disrepute.
    * By means of powerful propaganda and engineered incidents, Zinjry has projected Islam as a great threat to the non-Islamic people of the world, thereby arousing animosity in them against Islam and the Muslims. In one of its most dreadful schemes, Zinjry is engineering mutual clash between Christians and Muslims in every country in the world, wherever these two communities have been living so far in mutual peace and harmony. A worldwide Christian-Muslim clash, if successfully engineered by Zinjry, will be devastating for the followers of the two religions. It will particularly harm the Muslim immigrants in the Western Countries and the Christian minorities in the Muslim Countries.

    New World Order’s Main Schemes—1991

    1. Breaking up all major countries, including USA, China, India, Brazil and the Soviet Union, into Ethnic, Secular Mini-States, Cantons and City-States.

    2. Combining the Mini-States into Regional Federations on Ethnic/Linguistic basis, and governing them through a One-World Government functioning at the United Nations, of a reorganized shape.

    3. Bringing about large-scale Population Shifts by creating Refugees, Employment-Seekers, Immigrants, Displaced Persons, etc, and moving them within/between countries to dilute their national spirit and to disturb the Social, Moral, Economic and Political conditions within each country.

    4. Eliminating the concept of Nationalism and Patriotism and replacing it with Internationalism and Globalism.

    5. Privatizing National Industry, Banking, Public Services and Utilities within each State, with their ownership/control passing to Zionist-owned Multinationals.

    6. Bringing under the International Organizations the Economy, Budgeting, Commerce and the Development Programs in the emerging Mini-States.

    7. Sharply reducing or ending Military Capabilities (including Nuclear) of the Mini-States and investing the Regional Federations with these capabilities.

    8. Exercising Central Control over World Economy, Finance, Commerce, Essential Commodities (eg, Oil, Food), High Technology, Space Exploration, Armaments and R&D.

    9. Bringing the Print and Electronic Media and other major Information Dissemination sources under International Direction and Authority.

    10. Exercising Central Control over Global Intelligence, Spying, Terrorism, International Vice Rings and Drug Trade, and using these Instruments to Manipulate the regimes and the people in the States of the world.

    11. Eliminating the Traditional Difference between Virtue and Vice, and Spreading Zionistic Culture of Immorality, Vulgarity, Irreligiousness, and Money worship.

    12. Discrediting the Religion of Islam, Maligning and Ridiculing it by various means, and Depicting it as impracticable in contemporary times.

    13. Subverting and Ridiculing the Feminine Virtues and Overturning the Respected Status of Women. Exploiting young women and girls by Misleading them to be “Liberated” and to live and work without the protection of men folk. Bringing more and more “Liberated Women” in top Political and Executive Positions in all States, especially the Muslim States.

    14. Abolishing the Institutions of formal Marriage, Family togetherness and Home, and Taking young Children Away from Parental Care and Authority under the cunning strategy of Children’s Human Rights.

    15. Expanding the Zionist State of Israel territorially to the so-called Eretz Israel boundaries; Enlarging its Jewish population by Ingathering of Jews.

    16. Placing Zionist Jews in Top Positions in the Regional Centers of Power and in the UN, and turning the UN into the planned One-World Government.

    Some of the NWO Schemes—Seen after 9-11

    The 9-11 Mega Terror was an integral part of the Zinjry’s Global Control Plot. Zinjry had designed it as a decisive step in subverting and subduing Islam. For that purpose, Mossad had created bands of Muslim Patsies spearheaded by trained Middle Eastern and Central Asian Jews disguised as Muslims. These bands were programmed to act as Muslim extremists and terrorists and avowed opponents of America and the West. They provided the US the justification for its so-called war against terrorism and military aggression against Muslim States, beginning with Afghanistan and Iraq. The 9-11 terror operation accelerated the ongoing NWO schemes (identified above) and brought forth more measures for implementation of the Zionist Order, some of which are described below.

    1. Establishing Permanent/Long-Term Western Military Presence in all the important Muslim States and Areas.

    2. Creating a Class of Muslim Henchmen (including females) of Zionist Order and through them misleading other Muslims into accepting the Zionist Order.

    3. Forcing Muslim Countries to induct Females in the Fighting Forces, Para Military Forces, Defence Organizations, Police and Commandos etc, thereby Feminizing these institutions and intensely disturbing their work environment.

    4. Forcing Muslim Countries to formally accept all evil values and practices, including the abomination of homosexuality, which Islam forbids, but, which are legally sanctioned in the Western and various other countries.

    5. Through false propaganda, engineered rogue incidents and programmed Muslim extremists, accusing Islam of preaching terrorism; maligning Jihad and equating it with terrorism; fabricating proofs against the authenticity and Divine nature of the Qur’an; launching a campaign in the West to restrict/ban publication and import of the Qur’an in the Western Countries; spreading disinformation and blasphemous literature about the personality of the Prophet of Islam (pbuh).

    6. Subjecting Muslims in Western Countries to harassment, insulting profiling and rough treatment; labeling moderate Muslims who shun and oppose obscenity and immoral practices as extremists.

    7. Gradually letting the hidden Zionists in various roles show their identity and their commitment to the Zionist Order; making Zionists privileged persons, not answerable to local authorities and laws, especially in Muslim Countries.

    8. Creating conditions for entry of Jews into Madinah and other places in Saudi Arabia, and for them to claim old properties and compensation.

    9. Engineering a campaign demanding that people of other religions who profess belief in One God be allowed to visit the holy Ka’bah.

    10.Through the schemes of Privatization, Foreign Investment, Land Acquisition on long-term lease and Mergers, facilitating the Zionist MNCs and Banks gain control over the strategic industries, natural resources, banks, vital utilities and services and medical and educational institutions in all states, especially Muslim States.

    11. With the help of its Muslim henchmen and other secularist Muslims, bring Islam into the fold of the Zionist Interfaith scheme, with the aim to alter or dilute Islam’s basic beliefs and to create a new schism in mainstream Islam.

    12. Speeding up the Administrative, Political and Judicial infrastructure for making the key cities, eg, London, Delhi, Istanbul, Islamabad, Independent City-States.

    Zinjry’s Resources, Strategies and Machinations

    It is not easy to grasp how Zinjry is accomplishing such vast, and shocking, designs, without having some knowledge of its resources and strategies. This subject is extensively covered in my book Masterminds of Air Massacres— of Aug 17 in Pakistan and Sept 11 in America. It is also covered in the Zionist Protocols.

    Zionist Tools, Resources and Instruments Inherent Zionist Traits, disguise, dissembling, spying, avarice, ruthlessness The Jewish People—citizens of various countries but loyal only to WZO.

    * Zionist Jews in Key Positions in various countries Centuries-old, Enduring Command Organization.
    * Gold Reserves, Capital, Real Estate, etc
    * Banks, Investment Houses and Multi-National Companies
    * Information Media, Advertising, Polling and Opinion Survey Agencies
    * Centers of Higher Learning, Scientific Studies and Future Vision Science and Technology, Major Industries and R&D
    * Publishing Business and Books Trade
    * Highly secretive and elaborate Worldwide Intelligence and Spying Network Secret Societies, Free Masonry, Grand Lodges and Brotherhood Leagues.
    * Heretical Religious Creeds for Subverting the revealed Religions
    * Occult Knowledge and Magic—widely operative, but unknown to others
    * Global Networks of Mafia, Terrorism, Big Crime, Smuggling and Narcotics
    * Cultivated Servants of the Zionist Order—in the countries around the world
    * Women as Special Agents—especially deployed in Muslim Countries Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
    * The Movie, the Theatre and the Fashion and Modeling Industries
    * Principal Think Tanks and Coordination and Execution Forums

    The Bilderberg Group

    * Council on Foreign Relations
    * Business Roundtable
    * Trilateral Commission
    * World Bank and IMF
    * World Economic Forum
    * United Nations and UN Security Council Strategies and Methods of Operations

    Leading Strategies

    * Multi-Layered Deception, Ultra-Long Advance Planning
    * Foolproof Secrecy
    * Make-Believe, Illusions, Virtual Reality
    * Propagation of False Theories Creating Disorder, Infiltrating All Parties, Misguiding Ruling Elite.
    * Joining with the Rising Power and with the Forces of Inevitable Change
    * Practice of Moneylending
    * Fabrication of Statistics
    * Provoking Inter-State Conflicts and Wars
    * Engineering Financial/Economic Crises

    Numerous Other Strategies

    * Debilitating the People, including the Leading Classes.
    * Crippling the Sense of Honor in the Ruling Elite and the Intelligentsia and Implanting in them a Low Opinion of themselves and their nation.
    * Derailing the Womenfolk from their Natural Noble Role in Life, Alienating them from the sacred institution of Marriage and Motherhood, Driving them out of Home and into the Market world, Depriving them of the Protection by Men, Divesting them of their precious Virtues of Modesty and Chastity.
    * Making People, especially the Youth, Addicted to and Engrossed in Material Pleasures, Entertainment, Fun and Fashion, Singing, Dancing, Sports, Fast Food, etc, and Alienating them from Higher Aims and Ideals in Life.
    * Rendering the Intellectuals, Islamic Scholars, Political Leaders and the Patriotic Elements Unmindful of the enforcement of the Country-Breakup Measures—Privatization of State Assets, Autonomous City and District Governments, Ownership of Land and Property by Foreigners, un-Islamic Education and Cultural Practices, Public Displays of Female Semi-Nakedness, and other malignant steps to demoralize, disunite and disintegrate the State.
    * Dislocating and Displacing Populations, Forcing People to become Refugees to foreign lands or within their own Countries, Turning them into Migrant Workers or Slave Labor through Human Trafficking.
    * Giving Prominent Social Status to the Morally and Intellectually Low-Grade Elements of Society; Parading Immoral Decadent Male and Female Figures as Role Models for the younger generation.
    * Engineering Anti-Jewish Incidents and Raising Howls of “Anti-Semitism” to obstruct any Condemnation or Criticism of Israel and Zionism.
    * Belittling the Image of the Armed Forces especially the Army; Provoking Hatred against the Army in the Civil Intelligentsia, also exploiting Military’s own follies.
    * Engineering Ethnic and Sectarian Conflicts, employing disguised CIA, Mossad and Raw Saboteurs and Local Tools, including Programmed Religionists and Media Persons.
    * Making the Zionist “Human Rights” the supreme Moral and Social Code, and using it for banning Islamic Laws and Customs, granting Freedom for Immoral Practices and for making the Blind, Cripples and other severely Handicapped Persons eligible for joining Political Institutions and Governmental Services.

    An Amazing Example of Zionist Stratagems

    Here is a case from history that is unmatched in revealing the ruses practiced by Zionist Jews. It is recorded with full documentation in Waters Flowing Eastward. In

    1492, Chemor, Chief Rabbi of Spain, wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin, which had its seat in Constantinople, for advice, when a Spanish law threatened expulsion. This was the reply:

    Beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves. The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

    1. As for what you say that the King of Spain obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise.

    2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: make your sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christians of theirs.

    3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians’ lives.

    4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.

    5. As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of State, that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.

    6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.

    (Signed) Prince of the Jews of Constantinople

    A Crucial Question

    After this, what more can be said on the strategies, machinations, tactics and ruses that the Zionist Jews employ for their evil aims against humanity!

    If at all there is anything more to be said, it is to ask a crucial question. Will the Muslim rulers, senior military and civil officials, media managers, political and community leaders, ulema, intellectuals and industrialists now grasp the Zionist Game? And will they move quickly to save their countries and their religion from the anti-Islam onslaught of World Zionism and its field-arm, the state of Israel?

    The NWO Marches On

    The Zinjry is unremittingly enforcing its NWO goals identified as early as October 1991. Its progress is phenomenal. Tragically, people remain ignorant. Many of the NWO schemes can be seen in operation in the Muslim world, including Pakistan. In other countries, NWO‘s advance is even wider and deeper. Britain is set on the path of dissolution. Scotland has its own parliament and Wales is on the verge of having one. Groundwork for India’s breakup is in place. Its 29 states, embroiled in disputes with the Center and with each other, now behave as independent entities. The Brahmin ruling elite is intensely hated. While in most countries the conditions for disintegration are engineered, in India these are inherent. India’s federal structure will collapse with just one sharp jolt. The US is in turmoil. Its break up, once unthinkable, is now an open question. Indeed, the US is bound to break up, because it is a requirement of the Zionist world order, and a Zionist band, also called the Lobby or Neocons, is governing the country.

    Regional Bodies, ASEAN, SAARC, African Union, GCC, OAS etc, to become Federations on the model of European Union, are already in place.

    Zinjry to Unleash More Horror

    The planned Meltdown of September 2008, a Financial 9-11, cleared the way for a new global financial control mechanism to go with NWO. In order to clear the remaining obstacles in NWO’s way, Zinjry plans more horror—a colossal act of terrorism, Another 9-11, and US/NATO armed intervention in more Muslim Countries, creating a world war situation.

    Dealing with NWO’s Challenges

    A multi-disciplinary program, including a plan to get out of the IMF clutches, is required to counter the NWO. Four requirements are essential in this respect: awareness, determination, a national ideology and quashing the Fifth Column.

    A nation must have its own ideology-based culture; otherwise it cannot escape being overwhelmed by the culture of Capitalism which is same as NWO. Muslim Countries do have a perfect ideology in the shape of Islam. But they have treated Islam not as an ideology but merely as a dogma for prayers and religious rites. Consequently, their social, moral, intellectual and economic environment—their culture—is left with only a little of the strength that Islam imparts to Muslim culture, and which enables it to withstand any alien cultural onslaught.

    Pakistan has to revive its Islamic cultural strength. The national leaders must have full understanding about Zinjry and its malevolent schemes and they must have the will to save the nation. Equipped with these assets, they would see the several measures that need to be taken straightaway to protect Pakistan.

    Plans to privatize Railways, Pakistan Post, PSM, PEPCO, PIA, etc, be stopped. The planned High Court in Islamabad must not be set up. Pakistanis of dual nationality should be banned from taking part in elections or holding political or governmental office. Foreigners be not eligible for owning property in Pakistan. Moves to turn SAARC into South Asian Federation (SAF) should be crushed and SAARC’s role in Pakistan should be curtailed. The permission given to Americans to intervene in the official and civic sectors in Pakistan should be withdrawn.

    In 1948, Quaid-e-Azam had warned the nation of the local Fifth Columnists. This was ignored. They have done immense harm, besides their role in the 1971 disaster. They must be neutralized to avoid further harm to Pakistan.

    Cmdre Tariq Majeed of Pakistan Navy (Retd) writes for

    He is an analyst of the Zionist Global Game for World Control.

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    Oh thank God you put this up!!! This is fantastic! What insight, things I have been toying with in understanding to see the same idea published, and then written in total comprehension! Yay For Ralf Rossa, what a great find!

    It’s hauntingly precise. Makes you wonder how anyone can counter such force of commitment to see us all destroyed.

    But I'll smile anyway. I’ll be PM’ing soon Expect me some of you bunch!

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