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Thread: The Armed Enforcers of the European Superstate

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    The Armed Enforcers of the European Superstate

    Gates of Vienna

    “EGF, the EU’s Gendarm Force to combat citizens who are disobedient to the Lisbon Treaty…” (source)

    The European Union is often mocked as a toothless political entity that lacks any military power. There has been talk of an EU-wide army, but so far most military functions remain with individual member states.

    Internal security is a different matter. Brussels has quietly organized an outfit called EUROGENDFOR, the European Gendarmerie Force, which is designed to quell riots, uprisings, and other forms of violent internal dissent. According to the report below, EUGENDFOR is preparing to deploy to Greece to prevent a possible descent into violent anarchy in the wake of the country’s severe economic crisis.

    Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled an extensive report based on articles at Het Vrije Volk (Dutch) and Kopp Verlag (German), with additional material from other sources:

    Will the special EU-unit be deployed in Greece?

    by Udo Ulfkotte

    The economic crisis and the resulting growing unrest offer the EU government in Brussels a welcome opportunity to quietly test the deployment of a ‘secret’ EU force, which was established to put down uprisings in the EU. This secret unit is called EUROGENDFOR, has its headquarters in northern Italy, and is now preparing to leave for Greece, to be deployed against the population of an EU country.

    There is something brewing in Greece. The protests of the citizens in the urban areas are becoming more violent. While the Germans advise the Greeks to get up earlier and work harder, anger rises in the Greek streets. In Brussels, all preparations are being made to for the first time employ the ‘secret’ EU force to crack down on uprisings. Most Europeans have never heard of this ‘secret’ unit.

    Brussels’ paramilitary gendarmerie

    The staff of the European task force of 3,000 troops has its headquarters In the Italian town of Vicenza [in the “Generale Chinotto” barracks], and is called “EUROGENDFOR”. It was initiated by the former French Defense Minister Alliot-Marie after the French had to deal more and more frequently with internal uprisings of Muslim immigrant youth with street battles and looting. With the powers of the secret service, the equipped unit must in close cooperation with the European military guarantee the ‘security in European foci of crises’. It is its duty as a police force to crush rebellions. More and more EU countries are joining EUROGENDFOR.

    Well, most continental countries have armed, paramilitary bodies of riot-police, whose job is to ensure that an unruly populace does what it is told. This is the ultimate tool of government in countries that were invaded by Napoleon and/or had fascist or communist dictatorships (practically all of them). So the EU, in its wisdom, has already created its very own body of armed paramilitary riot-police — the European Gendarmerie Force (EGF). Have you never heard of it? Do you think this is just a Europhobe’s wild imagining? Well, go and see their own official website: You’ll see that their nucleus has been drilling and training in Vicenza, Italy, for several years now. They have been in Kosovo, they have sent a contingent to Haiti. There is a treaty, the Treaty of Velsen, to give it a legal basis. The EGF is now officially in the service of the EU. So far there are six participating EU countries, but it can be deployed in a non-participating country with the “agreement” of that country, ie of its government. By the way, our own government was asked in Parliament (by UKIP) for an assurance that it would never grant that agreement, and the assurance was refused. Think what that tells us about our own government’s intentions.
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    Well they're going have to do something against me because I refuse to even acknowledge the EU, why doesn't it do something good and just die?

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