I wonder if they'd ban a pro-Gay or pro-Abortion parade:

The Latvian capital's legislature, the Riga Duma, banned a demonstration by Waffen-ϟϟ veterans and their supporters, the Duma's press service reported.

Latvia annually holds demonstrations by former legionnaires of the Latvian Waffen-ϟϟ legion on March 16. The Baltic state's president said two years ago that he did not consider the legionnaires, many of whom participated in mass killings of Jews, to be Nazis.

The country's antifascist organizations and opposition parties hold protests and try to prevent demonstrations which sometimes results in clashes.

The Riga Duma banned all events dedicated to the anniversary of the Latvian Waffen-ϟϟ legion's establishment after being advised to do so by law enforcement agencies.

RIGA, March 6 (RIA Novosti)