It's a very nice, artistic sculpture.It shows the female form, but i agree that, but putting a bikini on it makes it look 'sexualised' (and how ridiculous to have to put a bikini on a sculpture of the human body!!).But I think, considering the amount of overly-sexualized images on tv, billboards and everywhere else, complainng about something like this is very lame indeed...

Police in the US state of New Jersey have ordered a family to cover up their snow sculpture of the famous nude Venus de Milo after a neighbour complained.

Eliza Gonzalez sculpted the snow-woman with her son and daughter on her front lawn in Rahway following a snowstorm.

Many people praised their creation, but a police officer told them a neighbour had found it too risque, she said.

When given the option of covering the sculpture up or knocking it down, she dressed it in a bikini top and sarong.

"We didn't want to have any problem with the police so we covered it up," Ms Gonzalez told the AFP news agency.

But she now thinks the snowy Venus looks "more objectified and sexualised" than it did before the authorities intervenene