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Thread: The Nazi-Zionist Connection?

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    Lightbulb The Nazi-Zionist Connection?

    Any thoughts on this? It's a theory that's been doing the rounds for some time now and I'd just like to get some opinions on it ...

    Hitler - The Ultimate Zionist False Flag Operation

    By Jim Condit Jr, 2-29-10

    HITLER --- I am going to take a bow for the late, great Dr. Paul Reznowski who I referred to at his request as "Ratisbone" in the "The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler" video, now renamed "The Nazi-Zioinist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler" and I also referred to him as "Ratisbone" in the 3 hour radio interview I did with the formidable Christopher Jon Bjerknes (one of the good guys) in May of 2007. The video is free on and in parts, and in condensations on youtube, and is free on CJ Bjerknes's website, (Christopher has every right to have such a website, as he himself is part Jewish, on his grandpa's side). The radio interview is also free at a top link on my website: -- If you want a "hard copy" you can go to my website, ---

    By the way, Dr. Reznowski, of Polish and Ukrainian descent, died on the Saturday before last Easter (2009) of a heart attack at the age of a youngish-looking 69. We will not know what we will not have now -- because the good Dr. was traveling to the Midwest a few weeks hence, and part of his trip was going to be to stop in Cincinnati and fill me in on hours of his latest research. NOW

    Why I am I going to take a bow for him? Because the little, super-poorly made DVD I put together based on his information has quietly made its way around the world to the right people to where now nobody in the know can defend against Dr. Reznowski's thesis: that it is impossible to understand WW II and Hitler unless you know that he was raised to power by the money of the Rothschild/Warburg Banking dynasties, and that he was essentially a part-Jew working with other top Jews, at least at the beginning of his career. He seemed to have flipped several times during his career a bit, but once WW II started he was already out-maneuvered, even if he had thoughts of trying to overthrow the Jewish Banksters.

    Dr. Reznowski also told me in his first call to be about this subject in 1999 * that eventually that we would find that almost all the top Nazis were part Jewish. I thought at that moment he had gone of the deep end. It appears he will be proved right, though, -- with the only exception possibly being Von Papen. Although a lot of this is still up in the air and unproven.

    By the way, the reason Dr. Reznowski called me is that he said he wasn't sure that he could find anyone else, even with a minor voice on the internet * who would present the evidence straight to the public, without trying to over-demonize Hitler, or trying to be an apologist for him.

    Reznowski acknowledged that at time Hitler seemed to be trying to prevent the WW II bloodbath, and there is a book about Hitler trying to keep the peace before World War II broke out by a guy with an Irish-sounding name I believe but the title is escaping me.

    As I say this thesis on Hitler, expressed in my DVD and in the interview I did with Christopher Jon Bjerknes has won the day with thinking people * despite a complete blackout in the "revisionist" community and, or course, a complete black out in the world Jewish Press (such as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX and Clear Channel Radio. They can't expose their last super-successful false flag when they're in the midst of trying to pull off their CURRENT false flag operation.

    I had to erase the bottom portion of the original email world changer sent -- because it locked up my computer for minutes at a time every time I tried to send, etc. but you have the whole email in the original you all received.

    Please note the following assertions and responses, some listed in the original email, some not.

    * Hitler was part Jewish unlikely, someone said. On the contrary, the PREPONDERANCE of the evidence is that Hitler was Jewish, maybe half. Much of this is listed on the DVD. ------ Hitler tried to hide his own birth origins with a VENGEANCE. How many legitimate people are trying to hide their own birth origins? The Austrian government, under Dolfuss, eventually assassinated by the NAZIs did a massive study on this little guy from Austria who had emerged like a shooting star on the world stage and found that his grandmother, Schnicklegruber, was registered as a maid at the Rothschild House in Vienna when Hitler's dad was conceived. This fits in with Bismarck's mysterious father and Bill Clinton's. These super-wealthy sire many children and then watch for one with talent. Also, look at internet pictures of his mother Clare Pohlzl her eyes look like she could have been one of those abused children an area I believe happens, but which I do not understand well either how or why it is done.

    * Hitler fails to crush the British at Dunkirk: a knock out blow against any of the official stories about Hitler.

    * NOT LISTED: Hitler fails to drop two ships in the Strait of Gibraltar -- and thus turn it into a German Lake: another knock out punch against the idea that Hitler was foremost interested in winning WW II once it started.

    * NOT LISTED: IBM, based in New York City, helps Hitler catalog Jews in German territories with IBM punch card system and Thomas Watson, president of IBM, gets plenty of awards from Hitler. The Jewish run New York Times neither "notices" nor protests. Watson traveled to Germany in March, 1933, Hitler's first month in office as if spring loaded for the task.

    * NOT LISTED: Hitler doesn't arrest or detain one top banker or officers of Jewish banking houses in Germany, such as the Rothschilds or Warburgs.

    * NOT LISTED, if minor: Hitler's sister, was head of the Jewish Mensa Club for a while in Austria (I think it was Austria).

    * NOT LISTED: Hitler's stint as the go between from the soldiers in the barracks and the Jewish-Communist leaders who took over Munich in 1919; the background to this episode is explained in both the DVD and the radio interview. This was cited as indicative of a key piece of the real Hitler by both Otto Strasser in the "Prisoner of Ottawa" by Douglas Reed and by establishment Historian Ian Kershaw in his 1999 book "Hitler", in which he calls the Munich incident "unexplainable" in light of the rest of Hitler's career. Well, with Dr. Reznowski's KEY a lot of "unexplainable things" become explainable. And Kershaw better pretend that a lot of things are unexplainable if he wants to continue in a plush career.

    * NOT LISTED: While this was not universal, as testified to by the honorable man, Leon Degrelle, -- in many parts of the eastern front Hitler treated the Slavs trying to join the Nazi army and help the Nazis against the Soviets as the ENEMY!!-- While AT THE SAME TIME Hitler called the Japanese "honorary Aryans!!!!!!! This is so comical how about one of you Hitler apologists explaining THAT ONE. But recognizing the Japanese did allow for this further unexplainable act:

    * Even Robert Welch of the John Birch Society noted that after Pearl Harbor 90% of the American arms and men went to Europe to fight Hitler (the German people). What made this possible? ONLY ONE THING: Hitler, inexplicably, DECLARED WAR ON THE UNITED STATES a few days after Pearl Harbor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without this absurd and anti-strategy declaration, Roosevelt would have been hard pressed to explain to the people of the United States why we were going to war in Europe as at all. At least Roosevelt would have had to get Congress to declare war on Germany first a big obstacle.

    * I agree with Scott Summers, who I see on this list, and who has valiantly boosted the Reznowski thesis --- Summers said in a past email thread: "Hitler was Rothschild bait for Germany" --- and Germany remains effectively enslaved and broken to this day.

    * NOT COVERED: the convenient way that Germany was broken financially by the Jewish-Engineered Versailles treaty circa 1919, when the Germans hadn't even lost the war, resulting that the Germans were then stepped on for 14 years at which point Hitler "miraculously" appears and lifts Germany out of poverty and abuse --- so that the Germans now are ready to follow Hitler anywhere -- into a war in which the Rothschilds planned to have Germany attacked from 3 sides, and hopelessly outnumbered. The rest is tragic history.

    * The declaration of war on Germany by Untermeyer in 1933 I believe was part of the plan so that Hitler would have the excuse to go along with the "Transfer Agreement" to "break the boycott" by enriching the Zionists trying to take over Palestine. If anyone can find Hitler EVER complaining about the Transfer Agreement to the German people, or even mentioning it please let me know. By the way, what sense does it make for Zionist Jews to "rescue" Germany from the "boycott war" declared on Germany by Zionist Jews??? -------- Please, PEOPLE, think on these things.

    That's enough for now. Yes, leaving aside his inner turmoil as things progressed, HITLER was the ultimate False Flag operation which has set up the current Khazar-Jew false flag operation that we are now facing.


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    To be honest, I just think this is what happens when any nutter on the internet gets a keyboard. Just like most conspiracy theroies on the internet, theres so many counterpoints and so much evidence that rubbish them.

    Hitler may have been part-jewish...but even Hitler himself may have not have known. Even if he was it doesn't mean hes suddenly a part of some kind of jewish conspiracy.

    This particular one is so bizzare it's in league with David Icke rambling on about lizard people.

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    Well Hitler may have had some Jewish blood in him but one thing is for certain,
    he really,really disliked the Jews.One thing is for certain about the man,he came from nothing.You have to hand it to the man.He grew up poor,was homeless until the age of 25,served Germany honorably in WW2,won the Iron Cross and then went on to become the most famous personality of the 20th Century.
    To me his one mistake was his role as "Commander In Chief".He should have stuck with being a Politician.That's what cost him the War!

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