Close to 13 ton of slaughter refuse from illegally slaughtered ship were cleared out by the Brussels municipal cleaning department Net Brussel after Id ul-Adha last year. This was the response of the Brussels State Secretary Emir Kir to a written question by Brussels Vlaams Belang fraction chairperson Dominiek Lootens.

Net Brussel removed 5.68 ton slaughter waste and 6.76 ton of hides from the public roads in Brussels at the end of 2009.

An estimated 20,000 sheep were slaughtered in the Brussels Region during Id ul-Adha. 1,993 of those were in various recognized slaughterhouses. Most of the sacrificial animals were therefore ritually slaughtered illegally at home, according to the party.

Vlaams Belang wants that the various responsible authorities would act urgently against these illegal practices. Those who violate the law should be located and punished, according to the party.