This is from 2008...

Speech obscures Palestinian suffering
Article in Western News

By Faculty Members
Thursday, June 19, 2008
With utter dismay we read Paul Davenport's speech at the Jewish National Fund (JNF) dinner held at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn on June 1.

Earlier, faculty, students and community members, including Muslims, Jews and Christians had presented Davenport with very strong evidence on the role of the JNF in the expulsion of Palestinians and the usurpation of their land. His claims to diversity, equality and justice are undermined by accepting an award for tolerance from an organization that allocates confiscated land to Jews only, described even by prominent Israeli scholars and human rights organizations as a racist policy.

Davenport's blindness to Palestinian suffering is disgraceful: in Jerusalem, he visits Yad Vashem, but says nothing of the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the city's Palestinian inhabitants. He attends a Negev dinner but says nothing about the Negev's (al-Naqab) Palestinian Bedouin and the JNF's role in past and ongoing displacement of the indigenous nomadic population and the seizure of their lands.